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Marrone + Mesubim Launch the Luxurious C3000 Kitchen System

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Innovative Italian kitchen design brand Marrone + Mesubim celebrates the launch of the C3000 kitchen system this autumn.  Founded in 2014 by Joshua Latner, a cosmo-culinarian (Mesubim) and Armando Pujatti, a master custom kitchen manufacturer (Marrone), this unique and modern concept offers all the amenities of a large-scale professional kitchen compacted into a 3-meter long unit perfect for commercial and residential spaces. How do the C3000 effortlessly manage to artfully combine all of its high tech components into a sleek fusion of function and form?

Marrone + Mesubim kitchen

Manufactured in Italy, during its development stages, Marrone and Mesubim designers consulted with Michelin Chefs and the results were a masterful combination of aesthetics and efficiency with a philosophy of clean cooking where processes are simplified to the actions of wash-cut and cook whether preparing complex or basic dishes. This is the kitchen system that foodies have dreamed of.

Marrone + Mesubim kitchen

Upscale Living Magazine had the opportunity to sit with Joshua Latner of Marrone + Mesubim, and here is what he had to share with us.

How did you first come across the Marrone brand?
I researched the best custom kitchen manufacturers and spoke with top Michelin chefs.

When did the idea of Marrone + Mesubim first come to mind?
After I finished my professional kitchen in Mykonos I met Armando Pujatti (Marrone owner) and proposed the idea to create Home Professional for passionate amateurs, such as myself.

Marrone + Mesubim kitchen

As a keen cook, writer and traveler, what were the key factors that went into the initial concept of the C3000?
After constructing several kitchens in Asia, and Europe, I decided to develop a concept around combining all-culinary-steps (wash, cut, cook + rest) in one single culinary counter.

How did the design process take shape and what stages did you go through to arrive at the current design?
In our case, time, human resources, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, good industrial design support, and steady input from my partner Armando Pujatti and his team, a well-seasoned team of experts in custom made professional kitchens.

What experience had you had previously of product or furniture design?
I have been involved in design my entire life, more in real estate development, and in Tokyo, I worked with Kengo Kuma in designing my home and kitchen, a game-changer, Mesubim Way of Life: https://mesubim.com/2015/02/24/mesubim-kitchen-tokyo/

You have a C3000 in your house in Mykonos, how does it work in a home/ family environment?
Mykonos lucky to be on the Aegean Sea we entertain lots of guests. My C3 is in my private kitchen, I have two, one professional and my other located in my main house away from guests, so I use it for cooking for my family.

Marrone + Mesubim kitchen

What are you most impressed with about the finished kitchen design?
If you mean my kitchen, it is the Mesubim Way of Life, a table, books and a place to cook that enhances the experience. If you ask about kitchen design in general, it is based on the same tenets.

Interest in the C3000 is growing around the world, what makes this kitchen so appealing to keen cooks?
There are three reasons why they buy the C3; it looks good, performs well and you are passionate in search of a modernist way of life.

What are the plans for future design developments?
We are a new brand and we have lots planned soon.

How would you describe your personal design philosophy?
The struggle for perfection through process, detail, and attention to quality.


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