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Rolex and Equestrian, An Enduring Legacy

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In 2019, Rolex celebrates several key anniversaries within the equestrian sport, with milestones for two elite equine events and two legendary athletes.

Over the years, Isabell Werth has become known as “the queen of dressage”, a title bestowed on her due to a glittering career that has elevated the discipline to new heights. Werth has won more Olympic medals than any other equestrian athlete in history. Speaking of her key achievements, Werth said: “You don’t forget those special moments, even after all these years. Every time I look at my Rolex watch it reminds me of reaching the very top of my sport.”

World Equestrian Games, Normandy 2014,

Isabell WERTH (GER) riding BELLA ROSE

“Every time I look at my Rolex watch it reminds me of reaching the very top of my sport.” — Isabell Werth

Another key member of the Rolex family is the Brazilian showjumper, Rodrigo Pessoa. Son of Nelson Pessoa, a legendary equestrian athlete in his own right, Rodrigo seemed destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. Commenting on his childhood, Rodrigo says: “My father traveled a lot. Taking me to the shows was a way for us to spend time together and he wanted to see if I would catch the horse and competition bug at a young age, and I did.


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