, The Stages of a Smooth Video Production Experience, Saubio Making Wealth

The Stages of a Smooth Video Production Experience

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, The Stages of a Smooth Video Production Experience, Saubio Making Wealth

Businesses need different types of advertising mediums. Video is one of the most exciting and promising of these mediums. If your business needs a video for video marketing, note that there are three main stages of video production. Below, we will look at each stage in-depth to better understand what happens before your video goes online.


The first stage in video production is planning. Video production companies brainstorm on the best way to shoot your video as well as consult with you as to the objectives of your video. They will ask about your budget, your intended audience, and the message you would like to pass across.

If you want your video to be successful and reach the intended target, take as much time as you can to plan the video. Be patient with the production company too because the longer they take to plan the shoot, the smoother the process will be and the better the video.

The pre-production stage is where you also get to decide on the set. Will you be shooting in front of a green or blue screen? Will the shooting be done at a location that you need to book?

Next, the video needs to be scripted. When writing the script, it is also important to think about the shots that will go along with different parts of the script.  Once you have the first draft of the script and the types and number of shots you need, it is time to finalize the script.

Writing a good script is important because it will also make the editors’ work easier.


The filming process can be challenging because there can be multiple elements that need to be taken care of. The lighting has to be checked to ensure that there are no shadows in the shots. The subjects have to also be organized so that they do not bump into each other or other objects on set during the shoot. As for safety:

  • Do not eat or drink on set
  • Keep an eye on equipment. You can use an itemized list to ensure that everything is accounted for before, during, and after the shoot.
  • Always check that there are no liquids anywhere near the equipment including the lights, cameras or audio equipment.

Do note that setting up lighting will probably take some time to get right so the crew should get to the location early to have that done on time.

Before the shoot, ensure that everybody knows their roles and responsibilities, so things go a lot smoother. There should be a director and the person responsible for shooting the video. There should also be someone to be consulted in case there are any issues.


Once the shooting is done, the last step is editing. All raw footage should be transferred to central storage and also to backup, in case anything happens to the footage left on the editing machines.

The editors can then fire up their machines and begin the editing process. Once the videos are edited, they can be sent to you or posted online as per your request.

If you need help with any of these processes, it’s best to consult a video production Houston expert.


Video production can be a long, tiring and challenging process. If you hire a good company and plan everything right, the process will be a lot smoother.



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