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The Supercar Capsule High-End Car Garages

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Aimed at creating bespoke private showrooms in the comfort of people’s own homes, Supercar Capsule turns high-end sports cars into works of art. Created by ASZarchitetti Group, the collective of ASZarchitetti and SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, the United Arab Emirates-based company allows select users to have a “distinct aesthetic experience at home.”

Either by working with a customer’s existing room or garage or designing and constructing a new showcase villa or tower, the company turns supercars into pieces of displayed art. A select group of engineers, designers, and architects has already created over 400 projects around the world, unique at times to the client. While a single glass showroom “pod” starts at $45,000, the pricing of the capsule truly is dependent on the client’s wishes for how to display their car art.

The Supercar Capsule High-End Car GaragesThe Supercar Capsule High-End Car Garages

Based on the customer’s property, design sense and requirements, the “pod” is customized and created from the ground up highlighting unique features of each vehicle. From a piece of interior decoration inside a customer’s home to a garage piece outside, the Supercar Capsule team plays with every minute detail (lights, colors, fabrics, textures, etc.) to ensure true supercar art beauty.

The Supercar Capsule High-End Car GaragesThe Supercar Capsule High-End Car Garages

Founded by designers Andrea Sensoli and Alexandre Greep, who together have over 20 years of collective experience with luxury interior design and architecture, they use their past experience to design bespoke displays for even the most limited-edition vehicle. The complete antithesis to the barren concrete garage, these spaces create showrooms out of existing or new spaces inside or outside the house.



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