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Top 3 Exotic Vacation Spots for the Ultimate Beach Therapy

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If you’re overdue for a dose of beach therapy, don’t delay planning your tropical getaway any longer! Going to the beach isn’t just fun, it’s life-changing. Research shows that spending time on the beach can reduce stress levels, and even slow down the aging process.

However, instead of visiting the beaches, you’ve already seen, we suggest you look into exotic vacation spots. Imagine spending the day in a tropical paradise, with stunning landscapes you’ve only ever dreamed about stepping foot onto. As you explore the new land, you’ll be able to combine luxury, with adventure where you can spend your days lounging around the beach, dining out, hiking through exotic tropical forests, and more!
Are you ready to start planning the vacation of your dreams? Here are 3 of the world’s most exotic and luxurious beaches.
As you get ready to choose the best exotic vacation spots for you, don’t let your budget hold you back. If you want to save money look into exotic vacation packages or clubs like DVC (Disney Vacation Club). With that said, let’s take a look at our first exotic getaway:
Beautiful beach on Galapagos Isabela island, EcuadorBeautiful beach on Galapagos Isabela island, Ecuador

1. Explore the Galapagos Islands

Located off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are hands down one of the best luxury vacation spots for animal enthusiasts. To combine a luxury vacation, with your taste for the wild, we suggest you try a land-based stay at the Islands. When you stay on the land, you’ll be able to spend time exploring the variety of restaurants on San Cristobal Island and Santa Cruz Island. By staying on land, you’ll also get to experience taking a boat daily to visit the different treasures the Galapagos Islands have to offer.
If you don’t want to do a land-based vacation, you can stay on a live-aboard boat or a cruise. If you choose a boat-based stay, you’ll sleep in a cabin on the boat, with other travelers as your neighbors. The boat will travel at night and when you wake up, you’ll already be in a new spot, ready for exploration.
We suggest land-based stays to give you the freedom to wander at night, along with the added space a hotel room provides. However, if you want to be able to reach some of the more distant Galapagos Islands, you’ll want to opt for taking the boat. Since the boats travel every night, passengers can go further out in their exploration of the islands.
, Top 3 Exotic Vacation Spots for the Ultimate Beach Therapy, Saubio Making Wealth, Top 3 Exotic Vacation Spots for the Ultimate Beach Therapy, Saubio Making Wealth

Lion rock, Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

2. New Zealand Luxury Vacation

New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. If it’s your first time going to New Zealand, we suggest kicking things off by visiting Auckland. Once you arrive in Auckland, New Zealand, you’ll instantly realize you’re in a city with a lot of character. Nicknamed “the city of sails”, Auckland is a large city, with a ton of beautiful boats. Aucklanders and tourists alike can enjoy hopping on a ferry to visit the remarkable “Waiheke Island”.
There’s a strong creative community in Auckland, giving it a bohemian feel. You’ll be able to enjoy live music, art galleries, art walks, and more. After a day of soaking in the arts, you can tap into your inner adrenaline junky too.
Adventurers can spend their time bungy jumping or canyoning for the very first time! Outdoor enthusiasts also love Auckland because of its many nature reserves, parks, and of course, beaches. You can even explore dormant volcanoes, or take a scenic bicycle ride through the tropical forests. Whatever you do, make sure you remember to bring your camera.
Heading over the Hauraki Gulf, you’ll be able to capture New Zealand’s wildlife in their most natural habitats. Can you imagine watching a penguin take a nap? Or seeing a group of dolphins pass you by? Penguins, dolphins, and even whales are all over the Hauraki Gulf.
Shoal Bay East, AntiguaShoal Bay East, Antigua

3. Summer Vacation in Anguilla

If your idea of the perfect beach vacation means sitting back and relaxing all day, we’ve got you covered. Head on over to Shoal Bay East in Anguilla. After checking into one of their many luxury hotels, you can take a seat at the beachside bar, as you take in the landscape. Anguilla beaches are internationally renowned. Nevertheless, they’ve managed to keep their natural essence, unaltered by tourism.
While there are many beaches in Anguilla, Shoal Bay East is arguably the most beautiful. All around you, the white powdery beach stretches out and seems to go on forever, with cool blue Caribbean waters inviting you to take a dip. You can pay to go on a walking tour, where a local guide will take you to the island’s best-kept secrets.
After spending the day soaking up some rays, we suggest you try dining in at one of Anguilla’s many restaurants. A few of the restaurants will offer a fun blend with a French-Asian cuisine. You’ll come across dishes like smoked duck, fresh Caribbean fish, and endive salad. When your done eating, you can treat yourself again by checking into one of the beaches many luxurious spas.

Find Your Exotic Vacation Destinations

Now you know about 3 of the best exotic vacation spots. What tropical getaway do you see yourself dashing off to? Will you be island hopping at The Galapagos Islands, or do you picture yourself exploring everything Anguilla has to offer? Wherever you choose to go, it’s never to early to start planning.
Today, start figuring out when a good time would be for you to take off, and then start taking action to make your dream vacation a reality! For help making the best travel plans, check out the rest of this site.



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