, 10 Good Mac Games and Apps You Need to Download Right Now, Saubio Making Wealth

10 Good Mac Games and Apps You Need to Download Right Now

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, 10 Good Mac Games and Apps You Need to Download Right Now, Saubio Making Wealth

Self-isolating is much easier when you have the best apps and games on your laptop. Check out these really good Mac games & apps you need to download right now.

Billions of people around the world are staying home to avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19.

While it may be necessary, being stuck at home can be incredibly boring. And adjusting to working from home for the first time comes with its challenges as well.

Keep reading to learn ten good Mac games and apps that you need to download today to keep you occupied or make working from home easier.

1. Stardew Valley

If you grew up playing and loving the popular 90’s video game, Harvest Moon, you’d love Stardew Valley. Its creator is a first-time developer who was frustrated by Harvest Moon and its limitations.

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator with a retro feel. But you’ll do more than just plant and harvest crops. Your character can interact with others and even get married, battle with monsters, go fishing, and building your home along the way.

2. Portal 2

Blending science fiction, characters with depth, and challenging puzzles, it’s no surprise that Portal 2 is one of the best Mac games on the Apple Store today.

This game isn’t for mindless fun. Instead, you’ll want to give it your full focus as you take on difficult challenges and figure out complex problems.

3. The Banner Saga

Are you looking for something a bit different from your average computer game? Look no further than The Banner Saga.

The Banner Saga might not have fancy 3D graphics, but the three-person team behind this popular indie game created stunning hand-drawn artwork that more than makes up for it.

The premise of the game puts you in charge of a caravan of Vikings, as you search the virtual world for supplies and safety from lurking monsters. You’ll face off with predators and enemies, manage a team of warriors, and meet a variety of characters along the way.

While the game’s interface may look simple, the game is surprisingly challenging.

4. Lone Survivor

For those who enjoy playing games with in-depth stories and complex characters, Lone Survivor is a great choice.

Lone Survivor is a psychological-horror-survival game, produced by indie programmer Jasper Byrne.

Follow your protagonist as he escapes from a city where the disease has broken out. You’ll decide where he goes from there. You can sneak through the disaster-strikes city, keeping quiet and hiding from monsters. Or, take a more drastic approach, shooting everyone and everything you come across.

You’ll question whether your character is really seeing the things on-screen, or maybe slowly losing his mind.

5. Bear

Not all of the best Mac apps are games. The Mac App Store is also packed with other options to help you boost your productivity, learn new things, or maybe make working from home a bit easier.

Bear is one such app.

While there are tons of note-taking apps available on the Apple Store, Bear is unique for its streamlined design and modern look.

You won’t have to sift through endless features you’d never use. Instead, Bear is simple and straightforward, with no distractions.

If you want to sync your notes across all of your Apple devices, like your MacBook, desktop, and iPad, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version. This costs $20 per year. Otherwise, the app is free.

It is only available on Mac and doesn’t have a web version. So, if you switch between Mac and Windows, you won’t be able to use the app on both.

6. Lastpass

The average American TV subscriber has 3.4 online streaming subscriptions, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or Disney+.

Between your favorite subscription services, various email accounts, and other sign-ins, you’re probably juggling several dozen passwords and usernames at once.

Lastpass can help with that. It’s one of the best apps for MacBook because it manages all of your passwords and login information in one secure spot.

You can store everything from login for Netflix to your bank account logins to your phone service information. There’s even a keyboard shortcut that you can use to search your passwords quickly and easily.

7. Todoist

If you’re looking to streamline your work-from-home processes, Todoist is a great tool to add to your Mac.

Todoist does everything from time-tracking to calendar management to note-taking, all in one streamlined interface. You can create to-do lists and organize them by the due date so that you never forget an important task or appointment.

8. Bartender 3

Mac’s classic app bar at the bottom of the screen is great for finding what you need, fast. But when you use a lot of apps, it isn’t easy to keep it organized.

That’s where Bartender 3 comes in.

Bartender 3 lets you organize your apps to choose where they appear in your menu bar. If you need extra space, you can use the app to create a Bartender Bar to hold additional apps.

9. Amphetamine

There’s nothing more annoying than having your Mac screen time out and go into sleep mode just as your favorite Netflix show is getting to a cliff hanger.

Amphetamine is a favorite among Mac users because it keeps it from going into sleep mode or switching over to the screensaver. You won’t have to keep touching your trackpad or keyboard, which means you can continue streaming or prevent a download from timing out when you aren’t near your computer.

10. Snapchat

So, technically this isn’t a Mac app. That’s because there isn’t a desktop version of Snapchat yet that’s available for Apple or Windows devices. While you can download Snapchat on your iPad or iPhone, you can’t do the same on your MacBook.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t access this popular social media app on your MacBook.

While you can’t download an app, you can use Snapchat on your Mac. If you’re wondering how to get Snapchat on Mac, follow the link for simple directions that can help you enjoy your favorite photo-app right from your laptop or desktop.

Choosing Good Mac Games to Download While You Shelter-in-Place

With so many of us stuck at home, sheltering in place while we wait out the spread of COVID-19, a few good Mac games can go a long way towards helping you pass the time and keep yourself sane.

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