,  Tenet Shop is Southampton Curated High Fashion, Saubio Making Wealth

 Tenet Shop is Southampton Curated High Fashion

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,  Tenet Shop is Southampton Curated High Fashion, Saubio Making Wealth

There is no shortage of fashion retailers, both brick and mortar as well as online that are offering clothing selections for men and women. You need only look to the most well-established companies to find that they’re servicing the majority of the population with passable clothing and pieces designed to appeal to a majority. The boom of online stores selling their versions of the same products has flooded the clothing market with a bevy of options.

If you are a purveyor of fine goods and elevated fashion pieces, you may find yourself disappointed in the number of choices that lack distinction or a cohesive voice. This exact dilemma was one of the reasons Tenet Shop opened its doors in The Hamptons.

Offering highly curated fashion pieces, Tenet Shop is not just a clothing boutique but a lifestyle label.

What Does it Mean to Curate?

A tenet is a principle, a belief, or doctrine generally held to be true. It is both a conviction and a commitment to an idea. Curating clothing, grooming products, and other lifestyle items that conjure up images of the sunny, coastal expanses of The Hamptons is a creative act.

In other words, to curate is to decide what is worthwhile and what isn’t. Plenty of fashion stores and brands attempt to appeal to a broad audience by offering a large selection. But it is often the case that the more you provide, the more diluted your brand impact becomes.

Without Designers There is No Fashion

Of course, what would fashion be without both prominent as well as up and coming fashion designers collaborating to provide an encompassing brand experience? Brands such as Acne Studios, Hale Harden, Thom Browne, Common Projects, and many more all have a home at Tenet Shop.

Who said style had to be complicated? In true Hamptons fashion, our carefully considered garments are effortless coastal chic. What you wear should effortlessly communicate your lifestyle. Here are two pieces that illustrate what we mean.

Thom Browne 4-Bar Milano Stitch Cardigan

Our luxury piece by Thom Browne is an excellent example of simple yet elegant. Sporting 100% merino wool, this Italian made V-neck cardigan is the perfect companion for those cooler days where you’re out and about.

The devil is in the details; this piece has four bars on the left arm and grosgrain cuffs with a lined design on the cuffs and placket.

Magda Butrym San Remo Long Sleeve Dress

With our San Remo dress, it’s possible to dress up and also be dressed down. This dress is made of 96% silk for that smooth skin-feel and 4% elastane for those who want to look good and also be able to move.

A warm red with floral prints, this is a dress you can wear to a party and still not look out of place if you decide to have a stroll on the beach afterward! As with many of Tenet, shops curated pieces, being able to do both is a critical part of The Hamptons fashion needs.

Visit the Tenet Shop to see more of our curated collection!



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