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6 Classic French Food And Wine Pairings

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If you’re fond of wandering around the unknown, try exploring the antiquities of France. Filled with historical marvels and aesthetically appealing streets, the country surely tops the list of tourism. Whether it’s the romantic aroma of Eiffel tower or the stunning architecture of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, France surely has a lot to offer. Even when it comes to mouth-watering French cuisine, you are less likely to feel disappointed. What’s even better is that the country mastered the art of noble grapes’ pairings quite a long time ago. For all the wine lovers out there, French food brings the best out of the spirits. Turn your Christmas dinners into an enchanting one with the savory dishes right from the authentic French kitchen.

Keep reading to know the mouth-watering French food and wine pairings that will surely appeal to your taste buds.

Cheese Fondue with the Acidic Jacquere - sourcedCheese Fondue with the Acidic Jacquere - sourced

Cheese Fondue With The Acidic Jacquère

For all the wine lovers out there who like the white grapes more, this french recipe is the ideal one. You must try out the Jacquère with this cheesy delicacy filled with a rich taste. What’s even better is that you can couple up the cheese Fondue with some bread or meat. That way, it becomes highly appetizing as well as fulfilling. As far as historical background is concerned, this dish arises from the Alpine region of Savoy. The city lies near the borders of Switzerland. Often, the residents like to savor upon this cheesy delight after some snow activity like skiing.

Fondue, when eaten with the veggies or bread, tastes slightly heavy and requires some white wine. Pair the dish up with an acidic wine like Altesse to make the most out of this French pairing. Not only does it balance the richness of Fondue, but it also enhances the taste of the French dish. If you wish to prepare this popular delicacy, make sure to get your hands upon various cheeses like Beaufort or Comte one. Further, blend the ingredients with some garlic paste. Serve the freshly prepared dish with crackers, veggies, or meat, and you’re good to go. Try out this unique wine pairing that works both for the acidic white grapes and the spicy red ones. Also, learn more unique French recipes to transform your boring wine dates into a memorable one.

Southern Delicacy Cassoulet with Noble GrapesSouthern Delicacy Cassoulet with Noble Grapes

Southern Delicacy Cassoulet With Noble Grapes

It originated from the southern premises; this French delight is surely one of its kind. Cassoulet isn’t one of your regular casseroles. Enriched with the proteinaceous taste of goose and a spicy tint, this delicacy occupies the list of every wine lover’s top pairings. The dish originally emerges from the city of Occitanie. What’s even better is that it pairs well with the authentic Languedoc wine. Enhance the taste of your spicy Merlot with this mouth-watering French dish. You can also pair the dish with the noble grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Chardonnay.

If you’re fond of cooking the perfect wine pairings, make sure to try your hands on this one. Gather various meats like duck, sausage, or pork skin. Start preparing the dish by adding the right spices and white beans. Eat it the authentic French way by pouring out the dish into Casserole, i.e., round earthenware pot with ends that are more on the slanting side. With this popular casserole delicacy, you can turn your winter evenings into a warm one. Along with this, the spiciness of the chardonnay will leave your buds craving for more. Don’t wait, grab a bottle of Stella rosa with a pot full of Cassoulet to make your evenings better.

Buttery Grilled Steak with Bordeaux SpiritButtery Grilled Steak with Bordeaux Spirit

Buttery Grilled Steak With Bordeaux Spirit

Who doesn’t like a well-marbled and roasted steak with the classical wine of Bordeaux? If you’re willing to satisfy your hunger buds with the right wine pairing, then take a look at the Buttery Grilled Steaks. Emerging straight from the French quarters, this delicacy is undoubtedly a satiating one. What makes the dish even more interesting is the rich essence of parsley butter. With the right amount of garlic and some pepper, you can cook this mouth-watering french dish in no time. Whether it’s for the easter parties or the fancy candle-light dinners, the dish wouldn’t disappoint you ever.

You’d be surprised to know that this dish requires just a few minutes to prepare. Collect the required ingredients like butter, parsley, pepper, salt, hanger steaks, and leeks. Start with blending the butter, salt, pepper, and garlic. Mix the paste well as the richness of this French dish depends upon it. Further, cook the leeks for ten minutes with just the right amount of olive oil. The Last step involves grilling the steaks with a layer of olive oil and salt over it. Serve the wine pairing with some butter spread over the warm steaks. Also, make sure to fetch the high-marbled steaks for this recipe.

Gascony's Duck Confit with Some Red BlendGascony's Duck Confit with Some Red Blend

Gascony’s Duck Confit With Some Red Blend

When it comes to finding the right red wine pairing, Gascony’s delicacy often tops the list. With just the right amount of spiciness and sweetness, the dish is truly made for the red grapes. You can find this ecstatic wine pairing in almost every cafe in the city. Usually, another dish accompanies along with this i.e., Foie Gras. Duck Confit requires the entire duck and a technique that is quite authentic. Also, it pairs well with spicy wines like Merlot or Chardonnay. However, the latter needs a hint of sweetness for its completion. Foie Gras, crafted out of fattened geese, enhances the sweet aroma of the popular Sauvignon Blanc.

To prepare the dish yourself, you need some basic and easily available ingredients. All you need is duck legs and some salt. With the ducks bathing in their fat, you don’t require any other source of this nutrient. Start with drying the duck legs and pricking the skin to make the seeped fat come out. After you’re done taking the fat out, make sure to coat the duck with salt and let it rest for some time. Lastly, put the duck in a casserole and make sure the legs lie close to each other. Heat the Casserole to 150 degrees and enjoy your French dish with some fancy wine.

Trout Meuniere With Acidic Sauvignon Blanc

For all the acidic and sour food lovers out there, here’s a dish that’s all citrussy. Trout Meuniere is a dish involving well-cooked fish with a hint of lemon and lots of flour with butter. The French dish highly complements a similar wine like Sauvignon Blanc. Also, you can try out the red wines and pair them with the Gamay. That way, you don’t have to compromise on the richness of this dish. Due to the acidic taste of this dish, it works well with both wine types. However, you might want to adjust the lemon content according to your needs.

Prepare the dish with the help of trouts, salt, olive oil, flour, and lemon. You might also grab some parsley and minced shallots for additional flavor. Coat the trouts with some oil, salt, and flour. Further, place the fish in the preheated pan and cook for a while. Next, you need to cook the shallots and add some salt or pepper for the taste. Lastly, combine the shallots with cooked fish and add the lemon juice as per your choice. Pour yourself a glass full of Sauvignon Blanc and enjoy it with this delicious French snack.

Pour Some Pinot Blanc With Choucroute

To fulfill your french wine pairings, this spicy dish right from the vicinity of Alsace is the right one. Choucroute derives its origin from the eastern border of France, right beside Germany. As far as the taste is concerned, the dish boasts the right combination of salty and spicy. Due to this, this delicacy works best with the white spirits like Sauvignon Blanc. It includes sauerkraut coupled up with meats and sausages. You might also find a few slices of boiled potatoes on the plate. This dish also contains a Hungarian version with lots of cabbages and sauerkraut.

Fill your mouth with the rich taste of Choucroute when paired with the fruity essence of Riesling. You might also try out other white wines with this dish. However, make sure to stick to the complementary method of wine pairing.

Final Verdict

No cuisine masters the wine pairing game as the French one does. Due to the variable flavors and innumerable ingredients, these dishes work best with your favorite wines. Whether it’s the sweetness of Merlot or the citrusy essence of Riesling, there’s one french delicacy for every wine. You might also try out multiple wines with a single pairing. Some wine pairings that are both appetizing as well as mouth-watering are Choucroute, Foie Gras, and Grilled Steaks. Others like trouts, popular casserole dishes, and crepes also prove to be delicious when consumed with specific wines. Overall, wine pairings are best when derived from the French premises.



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