, Marko Stout is Poised to Take over the Art World, Saubio Making Wealth

Marko Stout is Poised to Take over the Art World

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, Marko Stout is Poised to Take over the Art World, Saubio Making Wealth

“Marko Stout is the type of artist that comes along once in a generation and gives voice to that generation,” was stated in an article on influencive.com.

Marko Stout is a New York-based American artist of the modern era, famous for his erotic pop style focused on contemporary urban life and celebrity-filled open exhibition openings. Stout is a versatile artist who works in various media, including new media, painting, video, photography, and sculpture. He is regarded as the freshest and most relevant multimedia artist of today. Forbes Magazine recently featured an article highlighting Marko Stout supremacy as a multimedia artist, and Entrepreneur Magazine called him “one of the most relevant artists working today.”

Early Life and Career

Marko Stout was born on the Jersey Shore and was considered pretty much an outsider when he arrived in New York and San Francisco in the early years of his career and had to struggle a lot to make his way into the glamourous high-end art industry. The young artist had a keen interest in surfing and rock music- having played guitar, several local bands. Although he obtained degrees in biology and medicine, he decided to pursue a career in art and music. After a brief medical profession in New Jersey, he left the state to quench the thirst for his passions and moved to houseboat California. Once on the west coast, he started working as an artist in the bohemian community of Sausalito. He later migrated to New York to work as a downtown artist and got settled there. After several group shows, Stout was offered his first solo exhibition at the famous Emmanuel Freeman Gallery in Chelsea, the heart of the New York art market. Since that time, the artist has become one of New York’s bestselling artists and has had numerous other solo exhibitions and massive media attention, which as attracted the attention of many wealthy, as well as celebrity art collectors. Many in the art world are now also comparing the versatile Marko Stout to other New York giants such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Basquiat.

Collected by the Rich and Famous:

Marko Stout has a considerable cult-like fan following, which includes the rich and famous.  Many A-list celebrities are collectors and fans of the artist. Some who have reviewed the artist’s work are:

“Marko Stout is a freaking genius. His art is fabulous” – Charlie Sheen.

“I’m very excited about Marko’s work” – Caitlyn Jenner (The Kardashians)

“Charisma, Uniqueness and Nerve” – RuPaul

“I’m a big fan. Marko Stout’s incredible” – Debra Messing (Will & Grace)

“Marko Stout’s doing great things” – Bo Derek.

Now, with all the attention Marko Stout has achieved in the media and his numerous celebrity fans, this famous artist is indeed poised to take over the art world in a very big way!



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