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How to reinforce your brand image with videos on YouTube

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We live in a fast-paced world and this means that user habits are changing. In recent times, people prefer to watch a video to read a two thousand word automate your posting. And if we add to this the emotional component that video marketing has, it makes it even more striking since it connects in a matter of seconds.

Hence, having a presence on YouTube , the second largest search engine on the Internet and the video social network par excellence, is a differentiating strategy for brands. Therefore, working on your branding with the video format is an opportunity to enhance your corporate communication that you should not miss.

If you think that your brand image is at half gas and what your client perceives is not what you would like, pay attention to what I am going to tell you to give your audience valuable content through the format they like the most and reinforce your branding .

Why use YouTube to boost your brand image?

Video has become the preferred format of users today. It is visual, it can be easily shared, it creates strong emotional connections with users (so they will remember you for a longer time in their memory), it makes you position yourself as a benchmark in your sector and it can also become viral thanks to social networks.

So what’s stopping you from developing a video marketing strategy and using YouTube ? Videos entertain, generate engagement and provide valuable content to users. All are advantages. You just need to plan your YouTube video strategy, be clear about your goal and define the message you want to convey.

Tips to boost your brand building with videos on YouTube

Before launching my first videos on YouTube, I carefully analyzed some important issues that I want to teach you here today so that you can increase your brand awareness and connect with your audience right away.

1. Identify your goal

Is your goal to inspire, educate or entertain? Based on this, you can make a video with one format or another. For example, if you want to educate on a topic, you can create a video where you give advice, do live webinars, a free course or create question and answer videos.

Instead, if you are looking to inspire or motivate your audience, you should do tutorials, show testimonials that talk about their experience with your brand or tell the story of your business and what happens behind the scenes.

Finally, if your goal is none other than to entertain, you can collaborate with other colleagues or influencers and talk about a current topic, trends and promote a debate.

2. Optimize your channel

Did you know that an incomplete profile will give a poor and unprofessional image? The most important information that you must complete on your YouTube channel is:

  • The profile photo, where you must add your logo.
  • An attractive header image.
  • Create a trailer for users to get to know you a little more and encourage them to subscribe to your channel. Here you must tell them what you do and what they will get if they follow you.
  • Create a playlist with your most popular videos. So when a new user enters your channel, they will see those that were more successful. If you don’t, and your last video had few visits, it will be the first they see and they will get a bad image. Remember that you must sell yourself well.
  • Add your company logo to all your videos. You can do it from YouTube Studio, in the Branding option. From there you can choose where to place it and for how long.

, How to reinforce your brand image with videos on YouTube, Saubio Making Wealth

If your goal is none other than to entertain, you can collaborate with other colleagues or influencers and talk about a current topic, trends and promote a debate / Image: Anastase Maragos via Unsplash

3. Use the right shade

If you have a young, millennial audience, you can’t address them in a formal tone or calling them “you.” That’s why I always say that knowing your audience well is key before planning any marketing strategy.

In this case, address them with a more informal tone, be close and natural. Being close doesn’t mean you can’t be professional.

4. Create quality videos

Recording videos with a minimum of quality will be another differentiating factor for which users will prefer you and not your competition.

In addition to quality, a resource that is never lacking in my video content are stories. Through these and the storytelling I am able to motivate and attract the user until the end of the video. And the best of all is that I get them to do the action I ask: share the video (sometimes going viral), visit a specific landing page, leave me their data, etc.

Take advantage of the potential of video marketing by creating (if you don’t already have it) a channel on YouTube. And it is that in addition to being able to offer valuable content to your audience with videos on YouTube, these position very well in Google, so you will gain visibility and reinforce your brand image in a very short time.

, How to reinforce your brand image with videos on YouTube, Saubio Making Wealth



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