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WineShop at Home Virtual Wine Tastings Add Excitement to Holiday Celebrations

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Pair your cuisine and vinos perfectly as a result of this enlightening Q & A with independent wine consultant Demetri Chrissos. (article source: Medium.com)

The holiday season has arrived, and it’s time to make merry. As you plan your joyous celebrations, doing so virtually is certainly going to be a consideration. Whether you will host an intimate soiree for a few couples or spearhead a larger event for friends, family, or colleagues, you want to have an incredible event that will be enjoyed by all.

Independent Wine Consultant Demetri Chrissos gave us great insight into hosting a virtual wine tasting. — photo credit: Becky Leigh Thompson — image courtesy of Demetri Chrissos

Independent Wine Consultant Demetri Chrissos gave us great insight into hosting a virtual wine tasting. — photo credit: Becky Leigh Thompson — image courtesy of Demetri Chrissos

Enter a leading Napa Valley-based winery called WineShop at Home. Selling small-batch artisan wines from different global grape varietals, the company’s vinos are crafted by French winemaster Alexandre Reble. Bringing the wine tasting experience directly into your living room, the perpetually changing, an exclusive selection will be a hit for your yuletide celebrations. As the host, you want to put your best foot forward. That means being informed about wines and the great cuisine that accompanies them. I reached out to independent wine consultant Demetri Chrissos and asked him to tell us about WineShop at Home as well as give us great tips on throwing virtual wine tasting holiday parties that will be the hit of the season.

Image by WineShop at Home

Image by WineShop at Home

Why are virtual wine tastings fun?

Especially now, a virtual wine tasting is a great experience for you to gather your close friends and family for that long overdue get together you’ve meant to throw for ages. You can WOW your guests with your hosting skills by serving them during their guided tasting. Try new wines with your friends as a sweet surprise for a special occasion, or start your weekend adventure with a twist! No matter the occasion, a wine tasting adds a tasteful experience that you’ll want to do again! This is also a great way to connect with your friends and family in different places, as your guests can also join virtually and see what the fun is all about.

How do virtual wine tastings work for Wineshop at Home?

First, you set your tasting date. You order a sampler pack for your party based on your preferences, including dry, sweet, red, and white. I coach you on basic hosting “how to’s” like preparing for your guests, how to pour wine, providing suitable pairing hors d’oeuvres, and making sure everyone stays safe. Once the tasting begins, I provide some wine education. We learn how to properly identify and taste good wine vs. wine that has “Turned.” I give information about WineShop at Home and our great opportunities and guide you through a full tasting of five of our artisan wines over our new favorite online meeting apps such as Zoom.

How does a wine tasting sampler work?

I recommend taking this quiz to see what type of wines you would enjoy. We have different sampler packages based on your preferences, and you can also mix and match for an “individualist” package for those that know exactly what they’d like to try. Your sampler includes five bottles of wine and a sixth “Thank You” bottle for the host to enjoy at a later date. There are great Perks that come with hosting a tasting.

Why is it important to select the perfect wine to complement our meals?

Wines have very complex tastes and textures that can complement dishes when served with the right combinations. There are some wines that you may enjoy only when paired with a particular dish (or vice versa). When you make a proper wine selection, it can accent flavors both in the glass and on the plate and create a harmonious experience like the instruments in a symphony. While tastes are subjective from person to person, I can help you decide what wines you’d most likely enjoy, and we make pairing recommendations on an info card that comes with every wine that we ship, as well as provide a recipe that will create a magnificent pairing.

Which wines pair best with beef?

Rich, tannic wines pair best with high protein and fat contents such as red meat. I like Cabernets and Merlots, but you can’t go wrong with an Argentinian Malbec.

Which wines pair best with poultry?

Personally, I really love our Petit Verdot with a bold-flavored dish. As the Fat content decreases or with a milder style, you can try less tannic reds that are more fruit-forward red such as a Pinot Noir, Petite Sirah, or Zinfandel, or a fuller-bodied white like a Chardonnay.

Which wines pair best with seafood?

Mild flakey fishes with a lighter taste profile deserve a crisp, fruity wine such as a Pinot Grigio, and I am absolutely obsessed with our award-winning Gewurztraminer. As your seafood becomes bolder or more fatty, such as a Sea Bass, I recommend an oaked Chardonnay.

Which wines pair best with dessert?

Desserts vary in taste and complexity almost as much as wine so that you can pair a dessert with a wide variety. A crisp white would work well, such as our famed Semi-Seco, or a medium-bodied semi-sweet red or white. If it’s dark chocolate, go with a full-bodied red.

Which wines pair best with cheeses and fruits?

Quite simply, ALL wine pairs with cheeses and fruits. Milder flavors mix nicely with medium-bodied wines, whereas bold flavors favor bold wines. You have not lived until you try Cabernet Sauvignon with sharp cheddar!

Which wines pair best with pork?

Again, the type of preparation matters as much as the meat, but I love a fruity, full-bodied Petite Sirah.

You can view the varietals that Demetri suggests by visiting the company’s website. Further, you will certainly be lauded for your exceptional efforts when you break out fabulous personalized wines for your celebrations. Great choices include Personalized Cabernet & Truffles, Personalized Double Magnum, and Personalized Chardonnay and Wine Brittle. You can celebrate the season while supporting a cause too. America’s Mighty Warriors, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, receives a donation each time you purchase the Glory Cellars 2017 Napa Valley Hero’s Blend.

WineShip at home

WineShip at home

“We live in a new age, and I think direct buying is going to be the prevailing trend in a automate your posting COVID era. I personally get my meats and veggies shipped directly to my door as well, and it has changed my lifestyle! No longer do I have to wait in lines, deciding what impulse buys to give in to. I always have the materials for perfect wine pairings and well-balanced meals,” says Chrissos.

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