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Modern Woman is the Muse for KARIGAM Designer Karina Gamez

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Observing the fashions designed by Karina Gamez, it’s not hard to envision her inspirations. Each piece within her KARIGAM label is contemporary, structural, and dynamic. “Muses for me, in addition to the women for whom I design, include linear buildings and structures – modern architecture from all over the world,” said the Venezuelan-born designer and entrepreneur. As founder, CEO, and chief creative officer of the brand she created in 2015, Gamez produces luxury, highly wearable, high fashion worn by some of the world’s most influential women.

Among KARIGAM’S fans: Solange Knowles, Eva Longoria, Diane Guerrero, and Candace Cameron.


The KARIGAM label represents the pinnacle of sophisticated design using premium fabrics and materials. Each modernist and monochromatic piece is carefully crafted to meet the requirements of a dynamic metropolitan and directional woman. Gamez’s vision is intelligent, functional, and refined, with inspiration also drawn from geometry and art.

Karina Gomez, fashion designer and CEO of Karigam
Karina Gomez, fashion designer and CEO of Karigam

Prior to starting KARIGAM, Gamez, an international entrepreneur, contributed to every aspect of her family’s successful import/export electronic supply business. Starting in operations and logistics, she later managed finance and personnel and then transferred to the US as general manager in charge of the company’s US and global operations, where she is credited with expanding the company’s business and leading it to unprecedented growth.


But despite her business successes, the pull towards fashion was ever-present. “From a very young age, I was taught how to manage a business through working with my parents’ multiple businesses,” said Gamez, who created the name for her fashion brand while a teenager. “But I was always drawn to fashion and architecture. It wasn’t until I had to choose my major that I realized I wanted fashion to be a part of my life forever. As soon as I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and business administration, I started the KARIGAM brand.


Based in Miami, Gamez finds inspiration for her line within everyday activities, including soaking up the sun on the beach or walking her dogs in one of her favorite parks. “During the past year, I have encountered this newfound appreciation for nature and the peaceful feeling it brings,” said Gamez, who designs for women like herself: young, successful, affluent, confident, global, fashionable, and techno-savvy. “I design for the powerful, entrepreneurial woman. I also design for women seeking independence and strength. Each time I design a garment, I make sure it is a powerful piece to boost the confidence of any woman that wears it. Even in my spare time, I never cease to look and find new inspirations for KARIGAM’s designs.” 


KARIGAM items are mainly manufactured in the USA in New York City’s Garment District and in Italy. The line can be found at the company’s website, KARIGAM.com.

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