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VONT 2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns & VONT LED Flashlight Review

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With the era of “smart electronics” upon us, our lives have become much easier and safer. One such company at the forefront of all this is Vont, which is an innovator of smart devices for outdoors, travel, and smart homes. Here we review their popular lighting equipment in form of Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns and Vont LED Flashlight VNT-TFO1.

VONT 2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns

We all love the great outdoors and camping but you also need to be decked out with the best camping gear and one such “must-have”, when it comes to exploring are the 2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns. They are waterproof and are tough hence you would find them to be indestructible. That is due to the fact that they are constructed with toughened aircraft-grade materials. Which means it would be able to withstand anything from being dropped from a high point to even being submerged in water. Compared to other models, the tough build with better materials is the reason why we recommend it. It also not a bulky or heavy object since it is lightweight plus compact enough for being as small as your phone when collapsed. This collapsible design is unique and actually makes carrying it easier and increasing its chance of itself coming in handy. Needless to say, it can be easily stored in your backpack and ideal for camping trips. 

In terms of its functionality, it has a bright light with many LEDs (as many as 30) working through 360 degrees of darkness around you. Hence the darkest of nights outside are easily dealt with a bright ray of light. Crucially, it has a battery life of up to 90 hours and that is as many as three times more than other lanterns. As always, the lifetime warranty gives it peace of mind while above all the quality, packaging and the practicality really impressed us. It surely does make for a cool gift for someone who loves camping or even cool gadgets!

Vont LED Flashlight

Vont LED Flashlight

Another “must-have” for any outdoor, camping, and trekking enthusiast, the LED flashlight from Vont has a sturdy design along with a cool look. It feels nice to hold and is tough in its quality along with being durable. Its lighting power is impressive with having the ability to light up an entire stretch of road, at the darkest of nights. That is due to the Proprietary LEDs and these also have a life span of more than 20,000+ hours! In fact, it has twice the lumens when compared to rivals! 

As mentioned earlier the toughness is what endears with us since whether be it in freezing conditions or even being submerged underwater, it’s made to withstand it all. The key to this is the military-grade materials being used in the construction and it has even passed international water, drop, and pressure resistance tests. It is easy to grip and does not slip while it is also compact in size which means it can be stored in the glove box of your car to even your pocket! Also, one important factor is the smart dual illumination which provides just the right amount of focused light and gets the correct visibility along with spotlight or floodlight settings.  Better, tougher, and more efficient along with being compact enough for everyday use, this is also the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast or even yourself!



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