3 Fun Activities That Can Help You Bond With Your Children

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3 Fun Activities That Can Help You Bond With Your Children

You spend the most time with your children when they are young. This time is precious and has long-lasting impacts. They will remember it throughout their lifetime, even when they grow up and start their own families. You can make this time more memorable and educational by involving your kids in simple everyday activities, from doing chores around the house and learning artistic things together to simply playing indoor or outdoor games with them. These activities engage your child in purposeful playtime and help you get closer to them. Here are three fun activities you can do this summer to strengthen a bond with your child: 

1. Read 

Reading is arguably the most impactful recreational activity for children. You can help your children cultivate a habit of reading by turning reading into an interactive activity. You can read aloud to your children each night and ask them questions like how they find the story and what they would do if they were placed in similar situations like those of the characters in the storybook. 

This is a perfect way to understand your children’s perspective and make them feel that their opinion is valued. You can also try making fun sound effects and mimicking animal sounds to make reading playful and interactive for your young ones.  

2. Engage in Arts and Crafts

Art is therapeutic and can also encourage creativity in a young and developing mind. Indulging in artistic activities like painting, sketching, or creating DIY projects with your children can help you unleash your child’s creative side. Artistic activities can be as simple as buying some coloring books and using that weekend evening to teach your children about the names of colors and color combinations. You can also get simple tools like paintbrushes, art stencils, ribbons, and decorative ornaments to make crafts together with your little one. 

3. Play Games Together

To create a better bond with your child, you can join them and plan out activities together that suit your child’s interests. As you start playing with your children, they will begin to see you as an approachable friend rather than an authoritative parent. Even science stresses the importance of bonding with children through play: research shows that increased playtime between a child and parent reduces separation anxiety or loneliness developing in a child.  

Increased playtime will help you get to know your child better and polish their analytical skills through specific games. You can invest in indoor games too to engage with your child whenever feasible. Such games can include board games, magnetic tiles like CreateOn, toys that do not have sharp edges, and even video games. For outdoor games, you can invest in some simple sports gear or just go to a nearby park with your little ones. 


Indulging with your kids in meaningful activities helps them create a bond with you and helps in the development of their young minds. At this age, the most critical person in a child’s life is their parent, and they cherish meaningful memories throughout their lifetime. Among all the other things you can do for your child, the time you spend with them will be remembered more than anything. 



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