3 Holiday Gifts Perfect for a Fantasy Football Fan

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Football is one of America’s famous sports. We cannot deny that a large number of people follow and watch this game every season. Most of them have their favorite teams and players that they continuously support. So if you are looking for a gift related to football and have no luck in finding the best one, well, you are in the right place. Mind you, as there is an endless option of football players and football teams to choose from, but when it comes to finding a gift for a fan of fantasy football, you are given a limited option. Here’s a list of gifts that will surely make your friend’s holiday spirit boost up when you have these fantasy football gift ideas. 

Stream It

There are a lot of streaming services out there that give 24/7 access to every football game. However, it came with a hefty price tag, and some cannot get access, especially for those fans who live in apartments, dorms, and certain cities who have stuck with their warrior foosball table and no way to purchase such streaming services. As a gift to them, you may give them a one-month subscription and grant your friend access to watch and stream every NFL game on their devices. They do not have to miss the incredible touchdowns their fantasy players do. Plus, these streaming sites are now available on most streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and some selected smart TVs. Oh, and also, they give discounts to students, so better check it out. 

Customized Glass

If your friend already has access to these streaming sites, you may go on to a more personal kind of gifting. Sites like Etsy and Pinterest have a lot of gift ideas, and that is true when it comes to fantasy football gifts. One idea that most people often go to and give to their friends is a customized pilsner glass. This is perfect if the one who will receive the gift happens to be their league’s commissioner. Some shops even go the extra mile and customize the commissioner-labeled pilsner glass together with your friend’s favorite league’s name as well. Your friend can now share their league pride while watching a football game on their couch with a cold beverage. 

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Customized T-Shirts

If your friend is the type of person, who wants to brag about their love for the game, giving them a personalized or fantasy life t-shirt is the perfect gift to give them. You can choose from a list of taglines that are hilarious and somewhat serious. You can choose from “Don’t Drink and Draft” to “Your Fantasy Team Sucks,” making sure that you have a t-shirt for your friend. These shirts are fun to look at, and your friend probably wears them after receiving your gift. 

These are some of the best ideas you can give to your friend this coming holiday. Regardless of which approach you’ll use, they will definitely love it for the name of football.



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