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Customer service and sales always go hand in hand, and these apps will help you better serve your consumers.

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If you are an entrepreneur, it is inevitable that you frequently ask yourself how to increase sales in your business . Adopting strategies to increase sales is a necessity in today’s corporate world. Low sales productivity and lost marketing budget cost at least a trillion a year, according to Sales 2.0 data.

The acceleration of digital transformation , conditioned by a pandemic whose human and economic effects are still unpredictable, creates new challenges for entrepreneurs and sellers. Transforming crises into opportunities is a differential between those who succeed and those who do not. To do this, you have to make use of technology because, according to the Zendesk CX Trends 2021 study, 75% of company executives agree that COVID-19 shortened the acquisition deadlines for new technology.

Customer service and sales always go hand in hand. The goals of both are to help the customer achieve their goal, from buying a specific size to chatting with an agent. In this sense, discovering how to increase sales in times of crisis is not only possible, but it is also decisive for the survival of your business. In this text I show you 5 powerful applications to increase sales in your business used by the most successful sales teams:

PandaDoc for proposals, quotes and contracts

PandaDoc is an end-to-end contract management tool. With PandaDoc you can easily create and sign contracts, integrate all your contacts within your CRM and automatically calculate profit margins for additional and cross-sales. In addition to these features, you can also set up price quotes and create sales proposals.

Capsule for customer relationship management

With its ability to store your contacts in one place, keep track of your sales portfolio, and manage collective tasks for your team, Capsule is an excellent organizing tool for your business. You can also connect the many functions of Capsule with other applications, such as Google Sheets or MailChimp and you can have a complete view of the interactions that a potential customer or a customer has had with your business through sales and support activities.

Yesware for email tracking and templates

In this practical application, different software can be integrated with Gmail and Outlook accounts, as well as email tracking, custom templates and CRM integration. With Yesware , you can send mail merges to up to 200 recipients and track email engagement.

ChartMogul for revenue metrics

This app helps SaaS businesses better track recurring revenue; For example, you can use ChartMogul to calculate revenue metrics (including monthly recurring revenue and annual execution rate), consolidate your customer data, and view any recent activity. No more wasting valuable time using outdated Excel spreadsheets – ChartMogul is a fantastic tool for automatic metric calculation.

Zapier for automating various tasks

With this application , you save time by automating tedious tasks without the need for coding knowledge, since you can connect it with almost any sales or productivity tool. The integration will be able to create Zaps call connections, for example, to create service requests from new HubSpot form submissions to capture leads (also works with Typeform, Google Sheets and many others).

The concept of digital transformation in companies refers to the process of adopting digital tools and technology to improve the operation of a business. Today it is a fundamental piece to increase competitiveness as the world becomes increasingly digital. Whatever your position in the company, the increase in sales is always a clear benefit. Businesses are constantly innovating to modify their digital offerings and meet the changing tastes of consumers. Sales are the heart of a business, its driving force. Without them, there would be no income or profitability and it would be impossible to achieve customer satisfaction, therefore, by using digital transformation as the main strength of our business, we will be ensuring efficient sales.



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