5 Luxury Camps In Tanzania

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They say that Tanzania is the soul of Africa, and that description could not be more fitting. An exhilarating trip to Tanzania can be a spiritual event as it will leave you feeling uplifted with a profound new appreciation for this wondrous life by the end of it.

The popular African tourist location is a unique blend of the old world with the new. Half the country consists of reserves for the indigenous wildlife, exotic white sand beaches, and authentic rural terrains rich with culture and heritage. In contrast, the other half is filled with bustling and nearly modernized metropolitan cities and are just as breathtaking.

While people may envision activities like getting down and dirty with majestic safari animals in seemingly endless dusty savannah or embarking on exciting adventures in unruly dense jungles on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro being an unglamorous affair, there are actually plenty of upscale options on offer for accommodation that would make good candidates for the moniker “heaven on earth.”

Visitors of this magnificent country can have an opulent yet fully immersive experience when they holiday in style by staying at one of the following luxury camps. You can get even more information at https://altezza.travel/en.

Mnemba Island Lodge, Zanzibar

A true tropical paradise, The Mnemba Island Lodge is located just off the northeast coast of Zanzibar. This bare-foot haven consists of 12 chic banda huts dispersed upon the pristine white sand beach with a capacity of 24 people and one spacious family tent. This ultimate romantic getaway is perfect for those who enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The reasons why the lodge is regarded as one of the best beach destinations in the world are as clear as the glistening ocean view.

Highlights, amenities, and activities onsite, including:

  • Yoga classes to connect and re-awake the soul
  • Water sports and scuba diving to get acquainted with a diverse marine life
  • Relaxing holistic massages
  • A private butler that caters to your every whim

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Serengeti Tanzania

At the center of one of the world’s more famous reserves lies the modern comforts of the Four Seasons Safari Lodge. This spectacular sanctuary comprises five free-standing villas perched on a series of elevated platforms and walkways with a view of an awe-inspiring watering hole. Guests can have their breakfast on private balconies and enjoy front row seats to witness magnificent elephants getting their morning drink.

Highlights, amenities, and activities onsite including:

  • Hot air balloon rides just before the dawn for panoramic views of the savannah from above. Please note that advance booking is necessary and extra fees apply.
  • Take an exhilarating walk with Maasi guides and park rangers and explore the wonders of the Serengeti.
  • Hilltop meditation sessions to center the mind and be one with nature
  • Game drives to see wildlife, including the Big Five, thrive up close in their natural environments

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Manyara Tanzania

One of the few lodges situated within Lake Manyara National Park, this unique retreat is nestled in the boughs of an ancient mahogany forest. Accommodation in this intimate refuge is a combination of nine stilted treehouse suites and one family-sized treehouse, each crafted from local timber and makuti palm fronds. Guests can hang out on the large verandas that overlook the organic scenery and have their senses stimulated by the sights and sounds of the African bush.

Highlights, amenities, and activities onsite, including:

  • Diverse habitats such as the famous Rift Valley and soda lake where pink flamingos congregate and the nine rivers weaving through extraordinary trees and baobabs support an eclectic range of wildlife and birdlife.
  • Embark on an expedition for the legendary tree-climbing lions and elephant families.
  • A sparkling treetop pool to dip in as you bask in the tranquility of your natural surroundings.

The Highlands, Ngorongoro Tanzania

A contemporary twist on the traditional huts, The Highlands offer eight domed canvas suites with large glass windows at high altitudes that welcome the picturesque beauty that only the Ngorongoro Conservation Area can offer. Bordering the Olmoti Volcano, the camp gives a remote and private atmosphere with wood-burning stoves to keep you warm and cozy during nights of serenity.

Highlights, amenities, and activities onsite, including:

  • Explore the famous 300km squared Ngorongoro Crater with knowledgeable guides.
  • Take the scenic route filled with a variety of butterflies and birds along the way to get to the rocky mountain top and be rewarded with a sensational view of the Olmoti crater below.
  • Take an exclusive climb down the Empakaai Crater, which is conveniently located down the lodge.

Selous Serena Camp, Selous Game Reserve Tanzania

Residing on the banks of the Msimbazi River in the vast Selous Game Reserve, discover the captivating wilderness that envelopes this indulgent oasis hideout. Selous Serena Camp immerses you with grandeur with unforgettable sights and experiences you will remember for a lifetime.

Highlights, amenities, and activities onsite, including:

  • Fishing trips on the river where catfish and tiger fish are abundant. You can even request the in-house chef cook your catch of the day!
  • Take a dip in the Maji Moto hot springs idyllically hidden within lush vegetation for full seclusion.



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