5 Reasons for Using PDF File Format for Your Business

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During the 90s, computer technology was still not very efficient and something as simple as sharing a file with another person used to be a tough task. When you share a file with your friends or colleagues, the formatting will get disturbed and the file will lose the arrangement. That is why in 1993, the PDF file format was introduced which is still the most used file format today. No matter what platform or device you are using it on, the formatting will be the same everywhere. That is why it is recommended that every business must use PDF files for forwarding and receiving documents. If you are still not using this format, perhaps these benefits might change your mind.

The Format Is Always Maintained

Have you ever been in a situation where you spend hours improving the look of your word document, but when you sent it forward, it all got messed up, and your hard work went to waste? PDF files help you avoid these exact instances. Once you have designed your word file, you should always convert it into a PDF file and then forward it. Whether the receiver views it on a phone or laptop, the presentation of the file will be the same across all the devices.

Smaller File Size

PDF files have a relatively smaller size compared to other file formats. You can convert your images or PowerPoint presentations into PDF as well. PowerPoint files are larger and can be compressed with pdf format. This will make it easier for you to email it to anyone. It can be extremely useful for anyone who has to deal with small storage drives.

You Can Split It Easily

Another advantage of using a PDF file format is that you can easily use it to split a file into different parts without disturbing the formatting. You will not be able to do it directly with a Word file or a PDF reader though. You can use sodapdf which helps you split pdf files into two into just a few steps. You can also merge, scan and edit PDF documents with the help of this platform.

You Can Put a Password on It

Another great advantage of using PDF over the word is that the PDF format provides you with security. You can password protect your file to make sure that no one takes a peek on it. This can be very useful for business transactions or agreements. If there are any files that you need to send to a client that contains privileged information, you should lock it and then share the password and file separately with them to make sure that their privacy is not invaded.


PDF files are non-editable, which means if you send a file through a chain, it will remain its shape when the last person receives it. This is very important in business because you do not want your clients or even your employees altering the details of company files.



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