5 Tips on How to Avoid Plagiarism in Life and Studying

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Plagiarism, either intentional or not, is a bane of all students since most disciplines have already been studied through and through making it nearly impossible to come up with the new material. What can you do to avoid plagiarism in such disciplines as Life and Studying, where it seems unlikely not to repeat someone else when you write your papers? That is precisely what we are going to discuss right now and see if there are some bullet-proof ways to avoid plagiarism.

Cite Your Sources Properly

We live in a world of ideas, and if you ever tried to come up with something new, you know how hard it is to do anything that’s never been done before. That is why you will certainly come across some good ideas of other people while writing your paper, and your goal here is to cite and adequately refer to these ideas. Using someone else’s ideas without properly citing them might be considered a violation of the copyright in the US as well as in most western countries. This is why you must cite the ideas of other people in a proper manner to avoid any potential liabilities for stealing ideas.

Use Special Plagiarism Checker Tools

To make sure your assignment is entirely clean, you need to use a plagiarism checker. There are free plagiarism checkers out there, but you need to use a good plagiarism checker to make sure there’s no trace of stolen ideas in your paper. It is truly essential to use plagiarism checkers because sometimes unintentional plagiarism might occur just because you picked some idea up, forgot about it. Then it materialized in your writing, which still makes it plagiarism. You might not even notice it, but this would not be of any concern to your professor or anyone else checking your work, so be sure to use a free plagiarism checker.

Never Steal Ideas – Take Inspiration Instead

As said, you should never steal ideas from other people, but it is often impossible to come up with anything new. So, what should a student do? The simple answer is to take the ideas of those who came there before you, analyze them, and transform them into something new. This allows you to change your stance on whatever topic you are working on and create a unique piece of writing that would stand on the shoulders of its predecessors but be unique and genuinely new at the same time. Generating your ideas is easier when you have a good understanding of the topic, which is why we’ve got to move to our next tip.

a student conducting a proper researcha student conducting a proper research

Conduct a Proper Research

Yes, you need to conduct profound research on the topic to become able to generate new ideas and get your research to the point you want it to be. Study the topic, red book and articles, become knowledgeable on the subject, and only then will you be able to comprehend it and see the weaknesses in the research thoroughly. Understanding those weaknesses would allow you to fill the gaps with your unique ideas. When you see a particular field of studies lacking some depth, that’s her you come in and add to it. That way, your content will be new and truly unique.

Build a Unique Thesis

To write a unique paper, you need an exceptional thesis – something that’s never been discussed or pondered upon. This can add much depth to your research and decrease your chances of actually repeating someone’s ideas. It will also allow you to bring about some new ideas and create an utterly plagiarism-free paper.

Wrap Up

Avoiding plagiarism in your works is quite easy if you don’t steal content. But, as said above, sometimes you might borrow someone’s ideas unintendedly, which is why you need to use some sort of scanner, to make sure there’s no stolen content in your paper. Keep your paper clean, do not steal, come up with unique ideas, and you’ll be on the safe side.



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