8 Ways for Sports Lovers to Make Some Extra Money

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The vast majority of people wake up everyday thinking of how they could make more money. Even those on the Forbes Billionaire List probably want to make more money.

Many of us love our sports, and some of us play them every day. Sports simply make life a lot more interesting. The action, the drama, the passion; I am getting excited just thinking about it.

Sports are not only great for physical health; they can also contribute positively to your mental health. Who knew running around chasing after a ball could be so much fun and beneficial?

If you are a sports lover, then you have probably thought about how you can turn your passion into an income-generating machine. The following are eight ways sports lovers can make extra money:

1. Sports Blog

The first way you can make extra money as a sports lover is to start a sports blog. If you are a decent writer and have something interesting to say about the sports you love, it can be an extremely rewarding venture.

Blogs are some of the most lucrative assets you can have, and there are people making millions from them. The best part is that they don’t need much to start other than a hosting service and a domain name.

You will have to market your blog online for a certain period to amass a loyal following. If you do, you can start by making a few extra hundred dollars a month to it being a full-time job.

2. Sports Promotion

If you love a sport so much, why not promote it. Better yet, get paid to promote a sport you love and see it grow even larger.

Sports promotion is a difficult business to get into, but you can do it if you are determined. You should reach out to an organization and offer them a deal to promote them. You should only do so if you have great marketing skills.

Sports promotion is as challenging as it is lucrative. If you become a successful sports promoter, the sky is the limit.

3. Sports Cards

Another way that sports lovers can make extra money is to sell sports cards. Sports cards have existed for decades, and though they are not as popular as before, they are still lucrative.

You should particularly think about selling gold cards for extra cash. You can hold gold card auctions where other sports lovers bid for the cards. It can be very rewarding if you sell the cards to the right market.

Some sports cards have sold for millions of dollars. Since sports cards become rarer, the older they get, their value simply increases. In the long term, they can offer a great return and make you some good money on the side.

4. Sports Merchandise

You may decide to sell sports merchandise as a side hustle to make extra cash. There are so many types of sports merchandise you can sell, from team jerseys to shoes or cleats.

There is no limit to the sports merchandise you can sell, making it a viable option for those with little capital. Even a headband thrown during an NBA game can fetch quite the price.

If you want to sell sports merchandise long term, you will have to deal with some licensing issues. It will be worth it because it can turn into a very lucrative venture that will make some money in the short term and make you rich in the long run.

5. Local Coaching/Refereeing

For sports lovers who are more interested in the technical aspects of the sports, coaching local teams is a viable venture. The same goes for refereeing of local sports events.

You will be surprised to find how many upstart local teams lack quality coaching. The same goes for quality officiating of the games. Therefore, you will be filling a much-needed vacancy.

Therefore, in addition to making money on the side, you can improve the level of sports at the grassroots level. Not to mention the relationships you can develop with those you coach could last a lifetime.

6. Sports Photography

If you love both sports and photography, you are lucky because you have a combination of passions that can be very financially rewarding. You can make a tidy sum by getting into sports photography.

Granted, there are many sports photographers working for major networks. However, the beauty of photography is that everyone has a unique perspective.

Therefore, if you can find a market for your photos, you can make extra money selling them to your audience. Moreover, you will be helping capture priceless sports moments to last forever.

7. Sports Bar

Most sports lovers also love their alcohol if watching sports games has taught me anything. It can hence be a lucrative opportunity to start a sports bar.

Of course, if you are strapped for cash, opening a sports bar will not be the foremost thing on your mind. However, if you can get the necessary financing, then you can be on your way to making some excellent money. You should also have some experience running a business.

Sports bars can be very financially rewarding if they are properly managed. Starting a sports bar can be as simple as hosting a few fans to watch the game and letting it grow from there.

sports betting

8. Sports Betting

As of this moment, the sports betting industry is close to being as large as the sports industry itself. Sports betting can also be a way for you to make some extra money.

If you know your sports and regularly make accurate predictions about games, sports betting can be a great source of income. It is not only rewarding but also exciting, which anyone who has ever placed a sports bet knows.

The downside of sports betting is that it can be highly addictive, and you can lose a lot of money. Therefore, you should always be careful when betting on sports betting.

To summarize, the ways that you can make extra money as a sports fan include starting a sports blog, promoting sports, selling sports cards, selling sports merchandise, coaching or refereeing local sports teams and games, starting a sports bar, sports photography, and sports betting. The key is to find a way that is suitable for you. 



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