Adam Hunter, Transcending the Ordinary

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With his adage, Your Life is Your Story and Your Home is Your Stage, Adam Hunter has been creating the most extraordinary interiors since the age of 12, starting with his own bedroom. A few decades on, his prowess has garnered him a reputation as the go-to interior designer for celebrities and clients alike.

Photo by Stephen Busken
Photo by Stephen Busken

Adam, please tell us a bit about yourself.
My formative years were a whirlwind of imagination, peppered with performances in school plays and musicals that were not only about the acting but also about redesigning the set! My mother was on Broadway, and so I grew up singing in my home every day. I graduated from the Musical Theatre Conservatory at the University of Michigan and then moved to NYC. I was on Broadway in Les Mis, Ragtime, and Lion King before moving to Los Angeles in 2005.

Photo by Stephen Busken
Photo by Stephen Busken

Did you have an influence in your youth that shaped your career path?
I’ve always loved design. When I was young, 12 to be exact, my parents went on a trip, and that was my first opportunity to redesign my room; I mean, really redesign it. I ended up having a few friends help me strip the floor from dark to light, paint the walls a teal, and trim charcoal. It turned out really nice, actually! From that moment on, everyone in my family knew I was a designer. I’ve always loved the way that fashion and interior design go hand in hand.

What are your fondest memories of your decade as a star on Broadway?
The times the cast and I had backstage. It was really such a good time – friends hanging out and doing what we love – performing. We treated each other like family.

When and why did you start your firm, Adam Hunter, Inc.?
Adam Hunter, Inc. was started in 2011. I began my design career alongside Spencer Barnes at a firm called Hunter Barnes. Our first project together was the design of the Kate Somerville Skin Health Clinic on Melrose Place, which garnered overnight publicity.

Photo by Stephen Busken
Photo by Stephen Busken

How do you go about designing extraordinary interiors across the country?
This is a question that finds its way to me quite frequently! I pride myself on curating and designing spaces that transcend the ordinary, crafting bespoke homes for unique people all over the world. Everyone has an individuality that should be celebrated, and it should be shown in their homes. Your home should exude your personality and lifestyle.

Photo by Stephen Busken
Photo by Stephen Busken

You work with the Hollywood elite. It must be a huge honor to be tasked with fashioning the homes of the famous. Have there been favorite homes to work on and why?
Paris Hilton is fabulous. She knows her color for sure! I love being challenged to design homes that put me in a new mindset – pink!

Restrained drama? Tell us more.
I guess a perfect way to describe this phrase would be quiet luxury. The drama is in the details.

Photo by Stephen Busken
Photo by Stephen Busken

Do you still ‘trust the process’?
Of course! I will always trust the process. This mantra, if you will, has helped me stay grounded during challenging times, gain a broader perspective, and remain true to the vision and end goals, whether it is in my professional life or personal life.

How imperative is it to understand your client?
I spend the entire process understanding my client. It is absolutely crucial to understand your clients and feel who they really are as people. From their backgrounds to their dreams, daily rhythms, and preferences – whether it be their favorite colors, foods, fashion brands, books, and or movies, all of this knowledge helps me interpret how to tailor the design of their space, so they feel at their best in a home that truly reflects their identity. It’s not about giving them your installation. It’s about the client’s life and lifestyle and filtering that through a design lens.

Photo by Stephen Busken
Photo by Stephen Busken

What or who inspires you?
FASHION, handbags, Oscar gowns, shoes … Alexander McQueen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Paul Smith … Wonder Woman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Sondheim.

How do you deal with challenges?
With a double espresso and some deep breathing. Jokes aside, depending on the type of challenge – if it is design-related – my team and I are very focused on solution-oriented actions. We concentrate on creating alternative plans, including plans B, C, and even D, if necessary, to effectively address the challenges at hand.

The most rewarding part of your job?
When my clients express their happiness with the homes that I’ve created for them and when they share the little moments of how a design detail infused some magic into their daily lives, it truly brings me joy and makes me feel good about my work.

Do you have a preferred color to work with?
Neutrals, calming blues, and greens. I love nature and anything that resembles the colors you will see on the beach.

Is there a specific texture you’re drawn to?
Yummy textures, boucles (an uneven yarn that has a knobby effect), wools, and silks. Anything that makes you feel cozy.

Photo by Stephen Busken
Photo by Stephen Busken

Tell us about your own home(s)
I have just sold my West Hollywood apartment, which I fully customized, and am currently on the lookout for my next home!

Have there been favorite travel destinations and why?
Los Cabos has always been incredibly relaxing for me, energetically speaking. I make it a point to visit every year with my family, as it’s a fantastic place for us to connect. On the other hand, New York holds a special place in my heart as a magical and inspiring city. With its multitude of incredible people, it’s a place where I lived for a decade, making every return visit a wonderful experience.

Bodhi! Please tell us about him.
Bodhi is the chillest dog in the world. He is our little mascot.

Exciting projects on the horizon?
We are working on new product collections, as well as designing some great new projects in Tennessee, Los Angeles, and New York. 2024 is going to be the best year creatively yet!,


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