Trump Says He’s Going to Send Cops to the Polls on Election Day. He Can’t Do That.

President Donald Trump said Thursday night that he would use cops and prosecutors as “poll watchers” during the November election, in an interview with Fox News meant to draw attention away from opponent Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.  During an interview running concurrently with Biden’s speech, Trump was asked by Fox’s […]

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‘There Is No Vaccine For Racism’: Kamala Harris Leads Attack On Structural Racism

Kamala Harris made history on Wednesday, becoming the first nonwhite woman to officially accept nomination major-party presidential ticket. And she didn’t shy away from discussing the persistent racism that dogs America. “While this virus touches us all, we’ve got to be honest, it is not an equal opportunity, offender, Black, Latino, and indigenous people are […]

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George Floyd’s Brother Spoke at the Democratic Convention and Said Their Names

Democratic National Committee George Floyd’s brother opened up the Democratic National Convention on Monday night with a moment of silence for his brother.  Philonise Floyd also read the names of others who’ve been killed by cops, including his brother George, whose death touched off waves of national protests against police brutality and racial injustice.  “George […]

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