Anti-CRT Virginia Bill Would Fail Middle School History

Allan Baxter/Getty Images A Republican legislator in Virginia filed an anti-critical race theory bill that contained a glaring error, saying Abraham Lincoln debated the formerly enslaved abolitionist Frederick Douglass, drawing widespread mockery for mixing up Douglass with the 19th century pro-slavery politician Stephen Douglas.  But on Friday, the state’s nonpartisan legislative research staff said that […]

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Live Every Week Like It’s Insurrection Week

A series tracking the growing assault on voting rights, and efforts to undermine the democratic process in America. Is anyone with real power taking this thing seriously? That’s the biggest question on the minds of pro-democracy, pro-voting people during this week’s anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. They’re right to ask: While […]

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The GOP Just Forced Tennessee to Let Doctors Spread COVID Misinformation

Morsa Images/Getty Images Tennessee Republican lawmakers have strong-armed the state’s medical licensing board into walking back a warning against doctors spreading misinformation and lies about COVID-19. In July, the state’s public health agency ended outreach for all forms of vaccination to children before later resuming nearly all forms of that outreach, after public outcry.  Now, the […]

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