Coronavirus Is Now a Pandemic In All But Name

The World Health Organization has resisted labeling the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, but multiple sharp rises in infections and deaths in countries around the globe mean that stance is likely to change very soon. A pandemic is described as an infectious disease that is spreading out of control in different regions of the world, and […]

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Trump Had a Very Busy Morning on Twitter

Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. If you’re keeping a bingo card of President Trump’s tweets, Monday morning’s spread hit a number of the usual hallmarks: misspellings, bad photoshops, and poking fun at his opponents’ physical appearance, to name a few. Early on, Trump retweeted a poorly photoshopped […]

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Team Trump’s Secret Iran Briefing Was so Bad These GOP Senators Are Turning on the President

WASHINGTON — Sens. Mike Lee and Rand Paul have had enough. The pair of libertarian-leaning Republican senators stormed out after a classified briefing with top Trump administration officials and declared they’d back a Democratic bill that would force Trump to go to Congress before any further military escalations towards Iran. Lee (R-Utah) called the briefing […]

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