Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?

A screenshot of an Atomwaffen Division propaganda video. The terror group has been linked to multiple ex-Marines.  Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. Last Friday, the Department of Justice released one of the latest in an endless string of indictments involving white men subscribing to the tenets of the […]

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Former Marine Linked to Terror Plot Against U.S. Infrastructure

Nicholas Tindall shortly after joining the Marines in 2017. Photos via Facebook.  A former Marine is linked to a domestic terrorism plot involving planned attacks against U.S. citizens and critical infrastructure, according to court documents. In a previously unreported and recently unsealed criminal indictment from September 2020, the Department of Justice asserts that Georgia native […]

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The U.S. Military Has a Boogaloo Problem

The U.S. military appears to have a brewing boogaloo problem. Active-duty military are flocking to online networks frequented by the anti-government movement, known for its meme culture and Hawaiian shirt-clad adherents, who are often called Boogaloo Bois. “Boogaloo” is code for civil war, which is the ultimate goal of the movement, and some of its […]

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