The Anti-Lockdown Protests Are Getting Weird

New York and Virginia’s state houses just became the latest venues for anti-lockdown protesters to vent their frustrations and demand that their respective governors reopen their states’ economies despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The demand to “#ReOpenAmerica” made its way off the internet and into the real world in the past week, with rallies also […]

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‘I Need to Claim My First Victim’: Alleged Neo-Nazis’ Violent Plans for Virginia Rally Revealed

The pro-gun rally in Virginia on Monday could have been a bloodbath if the FBI hadn’t arrested three alleged members of the violent neo-Nazi organization The Base last week. Court documents released Tuesday show how alleged Base members William Garfield Bilbrough IV, Patrik Jordan Mathews, and Brian Mark Lemley Jr. discussed exploiting rising political tensions […]

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