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Do you like to travel and go on road trips? Or are you simply afraid of what dangers the trip might bring? When you have some of the best auto injury doctors present just to cater to any hazard or mishap (only in case, of course!).

America is a country of many opportunities and beautiful roads. While some of them lead to resorts like Disneyland or Time Square, others may lead to a more adventurous and riskier path. Every State has its own road network, while the regional and numbered road network is accessible on a national level. Ultimately, the United States has a highway of about 2.7 million miles— enough to go 107.2 times around Earth. Nonetheless, not all roads have an excellent record of security. Some of them are just tougher than others.

We have discussed some of the most dangerous roads of America that ought to take you out on a journey of a lifetime.

Dalton Highway Alaska

Alaska holds much more than just the scorching hot temperatures and combinations of some of the best foods in the whole of the U.S. It comprises one of the most dangerous roads in the country, known to the people as the Dalton Highway.

The hellish Dalton Highway extends over the remote forest areas, tundra’s, and the Yukon River for about 400 miles. It is a 240-mile long ride without petrol stations, eateries, hotels, or any other necessary services that make this drive extra scary. There are several signs indicating steep slopes and rock falls on the route. Make sure that you have all the required equipment for your everyday need as well as in case of emergency packed with you, and your car is in perfect condition before you decide to hit the roads for this one.

99 Highway Florida

Florida has much more than your Disney World and expenses houses. Once you dig deeper, you will find that 99 Highway Florida is one of the deadliest roads in the entire world. People who love to take challenges tend to think twice before hitting the roads on this one.

The 99 highway passes via the Central Valley of California, 424 miles north to Red Bluff, via Wheeler Ridge. The average highway caters to 0.62 fatal crashes after every mile. It is at least four streets wide from the Ridge of Wheeler to Sacramento, but it shrinks north of Sacramento to a dark, southern two-lane highway in areas.

U.S Route 550 Colorado

Colorado is recognized as the rockiest and hilly areas in America. If we talk about dangerous paths and roads, there ought to be many, but the U.S Route 550 beats the competition in this one. The U.S. Route 550 is also clued up as the Million Dollar Highway, offering incomparable scenes through the Red Mountains Pass in Colorado San Juan Mountains. The chicane turns from this narrow and twisting road, don’t have railings to prevent you from collating over the edge. Hence, you need to be incredibly daring and thrilling to head out on a trip to explore this one. As deadly it might be, it does provide beautiful views for portraits and landscapes for your Instagram!

I-45 Texas

Ahh, you must recognize Texas as a Southern city with fantastic food and cowboys! But, now you would know that it also comprises of the I-45 highway, a developed yet dangerous path. It stretches from Galveston to Dallas for 284.9 miles through Texas. It is the country’s shortest first State and the only primary State in one state. The road is 0.56 fatal accidents per mile on average. Ironically, a significant portion of its fatalities was attributed to drunken driving. Drunk driving is hazardous, especially in these highways where the average speed of your car runs between 100 to 120 km/hr.

Highway 2 Montana

Highway 2 Montana has the highest death rate in the United States, one of the nation’s most dangerous roads. The National Highway Traffic Security Administration’s claim that rural roads are riskier than city roads confirms this claim. The justifications for this involve lengthy transport periods for ambulances to take the victims of accidents in hospitals–on average, 80 minutes in the vast plains, where the average time in cities in 15 minutes. Moreover, scattered traffic means drivers drive faster in America. The North and also most distant portion of the State are crossed by Highway 2.

I-95 Connecticut

The Ghosts of Connecticut is not the only scary thing about Connecticut. I-95 takes charge of being the most frightening thing in the city. In 2009, the Connecticut Times reported that throughout the 8-mile segment through the town of Norwalk, more than 10 percent of all deaths on the 100-mile I-95 stretch of Connecticut took place. The likelihood of an incident was increased substantially, as 735 injuries were recorded annually compared with less than 600 for similarly large clusters in other towns, including New Haven, Stamford, Greenwich, and Milford. The newspaper cited a spokesperson of the State Police claiming the city’s traffic, along with curves and hills are the culprits.

Interstate 10 California

California is not all about parties and beautiful beaches with the perfect holiday spots. It is also home to many dangerous routes making it an enthralling experience for the people who love a little thrill on the roads. The nation includes Interstate 10 to Jacksonville, Florida, 2,460 miles from Santa Monica, California. It receives a mile of 0.85 deaths, but the 150-mile route from Phoenix to California is particularly dangerous, with fatal accidents regularly occurring. The speed limit is 75 kilometers per hour, and it definitely does not help that it is night.


America is a country of opportunities and dangerous roads. Consider consulting your automate submission distribution injury doctor before you hit one of these roads as well as take necessary precautions that determine that you have a safe trip and back. Taking risky trips maybe a vibe you live for, it is crucial that you take all the necessary precautions.

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