Dyson to cut nearly one third of UK workforce


Dyson moved its head office to Singapore in 2019 to be closer to its manufacturing sites and supply chains. Asian markets account for more than half of its sales and Singapore also has a free trade agreement with the EU.

The company, which also makes air purifiers and hair dryers among other appliances, is still highly profitable. It increased its research and development spending by 40% last year.

Dyson has stated the announcement is a business decision, not a political one, and a result of its global review.

But Sir James has been highly critical of the UK’s economic policies.

Last year he said the UK had “woeful policies” such as high corporation tax, and said he would invest more in “modern, forward-looking economies elsewhere” that encourage growth and innovation.

Business of all sizes, much like households, have been hit by rising costs and bills in recent times. Corporation tax, which is paid on the profits of UK companies to the government, increased in April 2023 to 25% from 19%.

Dyson said the UK would “remain a vital centre” for the companies research and development (R&D), as well as the home of the Dyson Institute, which has 160 undergraduate engineers.

But one Dyson employee who received notice today told the BBC though the physical R&D building remained, “everyone involved in R&D have now exited all Dyson buildings”.

“All in stark contrast to James’ promise that R&D would remain in the UK after the Singapore headquarter move. We believe this is obviously to cut costs by using our South East Asian counterparts who are cheaper to employ,” they claimed.

“Whether this capability will return over the next few weeks remains to be seen.”

In response to the BBC, Dyson said the claim was “categorically not correct”.



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