Essential Components for a Classic Games Room

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A game room has been a popular part of luxury living since time immemorial. The city town houses and country residences that we read about in classic literature invariably had rooms set aside for cards or billiards. In our modern world, we likewise read about celebrities adding gaming rooms with the latest multimedia and VR technology. 

Here, we offer some ideas that will give your games room classic timeless elegance, while meeting your 21st century needs. Of course, much depends on your gaming preferences, so we have presented three themes that could form the basis and focal point of your games room.

Theme 1 – the traditional billiard room

If you are fond of cue sports, a billiard room is the perfect place to wind down and to entertain guests. Clearly, the focal point of the room will be the billiard table. Two factors will affect your decision-making here: the space available and your preferred game. A full-size 12-foot snooker table sounds great but keep in mind you’ll need double the space to play all around it comfortably, so it demands a cavernous room. A standard 9-foot billiard table gives that classic look, and you can also buy pool and snooker balls – so learning to play traditional billiards is not obligatory!

If space is confined, consider thinking outside the box. A circular pool table can stand in a corner and makes a quirky conversation piece! Another option is an English bar billiards table. Here, all shots are played from one end, so you do not need to access it from all sides.

Theme 2 – the gambler’s card room

It was the French aristocracy in pre-revolutionary times who really popularized the idea of having rooms to gather and relax as a family. And how did they most enjoy spending their time? By playing cards, of course. An antique card table makes a wonderful feature in your games room. Traditionally, a card table is not large, so you could consider another feature piece, such as a roulette wheel and table to go with it. 

Today, you are as likely to play poker online as around a card table – as this Everygame poker review mentions, online poker has actually been around in one form or another for almost 40 years. If that is your preference, make sure you can do so efficiently and in comfort. Ensure your games room has good WiFi and invest in a booster if necessary. Also consider seating. If you play from a PC, then a good quality gaming or desk chair is a must, but if you prefer mobile platforms, a simple recliner or corner sofa could be all you need. 

Theme 3 – tech heaven

If you love your tech, then embrace it. A games room can still look classy without antique features and dark mahogany everywhere. Obviously, a big screen or screens will be focal features, but think about exactly what equipment will be needed and just importantly, how and where it will be stored when out of use. 

With this theme in particular, lighting can make or break the vibe. LEDs are a no-brainer for several reasons including energy efficiency and flexibility. For example, floor level LEDs are great for mood lighting, while overhead spots can add focus where you need it.,


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