Facts About Road Rage And How Dangerous It Can Really Be

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How are you going to respond if you are running late for a special meeting and you encounter a traffic jam? Driving is usually stressful, but if you get angry behind the wheel, you are likely to engage in distracted driving or aggressive driving which can lead to an accident. Road rage often takes different forms like speeding, weaving, and tailgating, and the consequences can be severe. Read on to learn the facts about road rage and how it can be dangerous.

Factors that Contribute to Road Rage

Aggressive driving takes different forms like weaving, speeding, and tailgating. According to studies, about 80 percent of the drivers experience aggression or anger behind the wheel. The consequences of road rage can be serious since aggressive driving plays a role in about 56 percent of fatal crashes. Aggressive driving behavior mainly emanates from elements like traffic delays caused by congestion or waiting for extended periods at stoplights.

Drivers running late for appointments can become impatient and behave aggressively. Some drivers have a general disregard for the law and other road users and this might be a result of learned behavior over time. Other individuals always think that they are special and always have right of way and do not want to yield to other road users.

Hire an Accident Lawyer

If you are involved in an accident that you believe has been caused by someone’s aggressive behavior or wrongdoing, you are entitled to get compensation for the damages. A car accident can alter your life in several ways since you may lose income while you heal at home. The last thing that you may think of is to fight with an insurance company to get a fair settlement for damages. If you are an accident victim and you live in Canton, it is important to hire a traffic lawyer to manage your case while you get time to recuperate. There are several advantages of hiring a Canton car accident attorney who plays a critical role in evaluating your case. A skilled accident lawyer also gathers necessary evidence to prove your case so that you can get the settlement you deserve if you are injured in a road accident.

A lawyer also has experience in dealing with similar cases, and they know how to complete the paperwork on your behalf. Car accident lawyers can also negotiate with insurance companies to help you get fair compensation. Your attorney can also fight for your rights in court to help you get a settlement for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Common Forms of Aggressive Driving

Factors such as yelling, tailgating, honking in anger, speeding, trying to block other cars from changing lanes, or cutting off another vehicle all indicate some form of aggression on the road. Bumping or ramming another car on purpose is a dangerous sign of aggressive driving that can lead to property damage. Some drivers can be tempted to get out of the car to confront another driver, but this is dangerous. Apart from blocking other vehicles, violent behavior on public roads is a criminal offense that can result in penalties or fines.

How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

When driving on public roads, you must always give other road users a break and keep a safe distance to avoid tailgating. You must obey the two-second rule to avoid crashes and do not force your way past other vehicles no matter how slow they are moving. Honking does not solve anything but just frustrates other road users. Therefore, keep your hands off the horn since it can lead to unnecessary collisions.

road rage while driving is dangerous

Stopping on the road to confront another driver could lead to a dangerous scenario for everyone. Therefore, avoid stopping, and if the other driver acts aggressively, try to stay away from them or even change the lane. Do not be tempted to reciprocate to the other aggressive driver since it can cause the situation to escalate to undesired outcomes. Try to stay away from the other driver showing bad behavior, or even move away from the lane.

Road rage includes aggressive driving behavior as a result of traffic delays, disregard of the law and others, running late, or just learned behavior. According to studies, aggressive driving contributes to serious and often fatal accidents that lead to the loss of precious lives. Road rage comes in different forms like tailgating, yelling, honking, cutting other vehicles, or displaying confrontational behavior on the road. It is a good idea to stay off the road if you are angry.



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