Get the Best of Sweeden with Brännland Iscider Barrique 2021

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Since its establishment in 2011, Brännland Iscider has pursued a remarkable vision—to create one of the finest sweet wines worldwide, crafted from Swedish apples and the subarctic cold, reflecting the unique terroir. Introducing with pride, the 2021 edition of the barrel-aged ice cider, Brännland Iscider Barrique.

Winemaking is a patient art, and Brännland Iscider Barrique 2021 exemplifies this. Initially, the wines selected for the final blend did not meet our satisfaction, despite prolonged aging. After deliberation, we made the decision to wait as long as required—extending the aging process by an additional six months, surpassing the standard twelve. Shared Andreas Sundgren, the founder of Brännland Iscider.

Andreas Sundgren in Tasting Room, Brännland IsciderAndreas Sundgren in Tasting Room, Brännland Iscider
Andreas Sundgren in Tasting Room, Brännland Iscider

This vintage took longer to mature due to various reasons. Our aim was to extend the aging process beginning with the 2021 edition, solely utilizing larger 500-liter barrels from the renowned Fassbinderei Stockinger in Austria. Described once by Jancis Robinson as “The winemaker Strad,” highlighting their equivalent value to a Stradivarius instrument.

These larger barrels facilitate a slower maturation pace, and the wines chosen for the Barrique 2021 encompass a wide range of expressions. From lusciously sweet wines with low alcohol content to unusually dry wines with heightened acidity.

Andreas SundgrenAndreas Sundgren
Andreas Sundgren

The outcome is astonishing—the Barrique 2021 is the weightiest wine ever bottled by Brännland Iscider, yet still encompassing the essential balance and tension we seek in each vintage. Andreas Sundgren expressed, “The Barrique 2021 offers everything and more that we’ve come to expect from a Brännland Iscider Barrique.”

Brännland Iscider Barrique 2021 showcases 20.5 grams of acidity and 220 grams of residual sugar per liter. This extraordinary wine is crafted with a blend of 50% Mutsu and 50% Belle de Boskoop, harboring exceptional aging potential.

APPEARANCE: Deep gold-flecked amber.
NOSE: Ripe apple embraced by notes of dark roasted vanilla, butterscotch, and lightly whipped cream sweetened with demerara sugar.
PALATE: Fresh, ripe apple with generous sweetness. The high acidity creates tension, carries the sweetness, and leads to the oxidized, creamy, toffee finish. ABV 9%
RESIDUAL SUGAR: 220 grams/liter
TOTAL ACIDITY 20.5 gram/liter
BOTTLED: September 2023 VINTAGE 10,000 bottles, 187 ml
SERVING TEMPERATURE: 8-12 degrees centigrade APPLE VARIETIES Mutsu, Belle de Boskoop
STORAGE: Exceptional aging potential.
PAIRING: Cheese, desserts with apple and berries, foie gras. Meditational wine.,


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