Gifting Done Right with Tamara Comolli

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Gifts are the most preferred way to express one’s love and affection. German luxury jewelry brand Tamara Comolli celebrates every bond from mothers to spouses – there’s something for everyone. The designer is known for her aesthetic approach and natural design philosophy, ‘ Barefoot luxury’. Here are some of our recommendations the next time you are looking for a gift for a loved one. 

A Celebration of Colors

  Designer Tamara Comolli has always been fascinated by the incredible color intensity and variety of rare gemstones. This endless passion is evident in the brand’s Colour Stories, a collection of jewels in enchanting and harmonious color compositions that are genuine matches made in heaven. The iconic MIKADO Collection embodies the acorn-shaped gemstones in vibrant colors, firm favorites of women worldwide, who wear them every day in the most beautiful color combinations and layered looks. One such creation is the iconic MIKADO Flamenco bracelet, with its 51 acorn-shaped gemstones – drawing attention to the placement and the brand’s extensive expertise in sourcing raw materials. On a constant quest for nature’s treasures worldwide, the brand sources extremely rare one-of-a-kind gemstones, like Paraiba Tourmalines and Aquamarines, honored in unique designs known as Collectibles. We also recommend the MIKADO Flamenco pendant and myMIKADO necklace.

Tamara Comolli A Boho inspired Spring Awakening

A Boho-Inspired Spring Awakening

The brand’s INDIA collection is an adventure ride of exotic countries and new adventures. Lovers of the bohemian style will be delighted with the designs from the collection, which showcases precious woods, handcrafted masterpieces, and 18-carat gold. 

The collection also consists of precious woods, hand-carved patterns, shimmering Pearls, and rare materials such as natural Coral or pure Turquoise make the INDIA collection very special indeed.

Tamara Comolli GYPSY Hoop Earrings
Tamara Comolli GYPSY Hoop Earrings

The GYPSY collection, on the other hand, combines bohemian style with timeless elegance. Expect enchanting jewelry silhouettes such as bangles and hoops surprise not only with their versatile combinability but also with the attention to detail. Sparkling Diamonds, colorful Sapphires, and precious Tsavorites take you on a fascinating journey! With the new GYPSY hoops, this jewelry selection takes you on an adventurous journey and inspires you to create stunning layering looks.

Tamara Comolli for Fans of Flowing Shapes

For Fans of Flowing Shapes

Inspired by the designer’s love for the ocean, the SIGNATURE Collection is fluid, flowing, and elegant. The collection features the gentle sweep of the waves and the brand’s unique hallmark, the drop. Flowy, drop-shaped designs celebrate the hallmark of the international fine jewelry brand. This jewelry selection pairs them with sparkling Diamond Pavé for timeless gift ideas. The new SIGNATURE Wave earrings are exquisite, as their curved shape perfectly hugs the earlobe – a design that will quickly become a favorite piece of jewelry!,


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