Greater Zion: 5 Reasons to Go Where You Feel Most Alive

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What is Greater Zion, and why do 4 million visitors annually travel to explore this Southern Utah natural wonderland?

Is it because this destination is a paradise for adventure seekers with its Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, and Sand Hollow State Park?

Or maybe it’s the idea of being surrounded by majestic mountains, mesas, desert habitat, red rock formations dating back millions of years, and 300-plus days of sunshine. Here are five reasons why Greater Zion is where vacationers go to feel most alive.

Smithsonian Butte at Zion National Park

1. Hike at Zion National Park

What is it about Southern Utah that attracts adventure seekers from around the world? An excellent place to start is the area’s most prominent feature, Zion National Park, and its bounty of jaw-dropping hiking options. Here are three hikes that help put Zion on the vacation map:

  • Zion National Park’s Canyon Overlook is known for producing breathtaking photographs of Zion Canyon.
  • Another favorite for novice and intermediate hikers is the Lower Emerald Pool for its sheer beauty and accessibility.
  • With a steep gorge, walls reaching 1000-feet high, and a 30-foot wide river, there’s also The Narrows, a trek ranging from two to ten miles. The Narrows is considered Zion’s most popular hike.

Zion National Park canyoneering

2. Canyoneering – Zion’s Fastest Growing Sport

For nearly a century, canyoneering has been Greater Zion’s best-kept secret. Today this outdoor adventure is the area’s fastest-growing sport.

Taking on the challenge of Zion National Park’s puzzle of narrow canyon slots is exploding in popularity. Hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts are making their way through Zion’s labyrinth of mountainous journeys.

The skill level for navigating Zion’s canyons range from spur of the moment accessible to those requiring wilderness-level planning. Southern Utah’s slot canyons offer a wide range of environmental experiences that include passages so narrow you can touch either side, to routes requiring rock climbing and rappelling.

Zion National Park mountain biking

3. Glorious Mountain Biking

Greater Zion is home to over 40 mountain biking trails. The imaginative names of these trails give you a taste of what you may expect to experience.

Explore and discover Gooseberry Mesa, The Zen Trail, Barrell Roll, Little Creek, and Jem Trail. These picturesque routes promise breathtaking views, the freshest desert mountain air, and a camera full of memories to last a lifetime.

The Greater Zion Trails Map is an interactive way to see which trail is best for you. You’ll also love the convenience of finding almost two dozen outfitters on hand to assist with gear and mountain biking rental.

Zion National Park golf courses

4. Golf Greater Zion’s Amazing Courses

Golfers will find strength in numbers at St. George. We’re talking a dazzling array of golf layouts with the Greater Zion area, adding a 13thgolf course to its current dozen world-class options.

In 2020, the Copper Rock golf course will open in Hurricane, not far from Zion National Park. Greater Zion’s newest addition will feature a backdrop of copper mountains, the area’s trademark blue skies, and a vivid accent of natural sand dunes.

Copper Rock joins the company of Sand Hollow Golf Course; a resort property ranked as Utah’s best 18-hole layout. Other scenic courses located less than an hour away include The Ledges, Green Spring, and Sky Mountain Golf Course. Teeing it up in Greater Zion means golfing amidst red rock canyons, cliffs, and mystical volcanic stone. Expect a tee to the green journey that is nothing short of unforgettable.

Smithsonian Butte at Zion National Park

5. Prepare to be Wowed with a Scenic Tour

Arranging for an individual or group tour is a great way to learn about Greater Zion’s geology, biology, and history. Imagine experiencing this area’s natural beauty with a guide leading an aerial, ATV, fishing, jeep, paddleboarding, rock climbing, photography, or even a skydiving tour.

Whether you are looking to discover Greater Zion’s incredible parks, mountains, golf courses, or off-roading scene, Greater Zion’s team of guides look forward to helping you maximize your vacation and bring home insider secrets on a destination that is known for its elevated lifestyle.

Before you go or when you arrive, check out the Greater Zion’s website, or stop by the city of St. George’s Tourism Office and Event Center. Experience Southern Utah’s 300-plus days of sunshine and see for yourself why Greater Zion is where adventurers go to feel most alive.

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