Housewarming Gifts that will leave a mark

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When your friends or family move into a new place, it’s important that you make them feel welcome. The best way to kick-start this process is with the help of a nicely-judged housewarming gift; something that’ll create the right atmosphere, and that’ll make them feel able to relax, even before all of the boxes have been unpacked.

Photo Frames

One thing that’s sure to make a person feel at home is a few carefully-chosen pictures of family, friends, and beloved household pets. While the pictures themselves can be provided by the homeowner, the frames are a different matter – choose something that’s glitzy enough to be a gift, but not so impressive that it detracts from the picture itself.

Air Fresheners

Filling a home with a welcoming smell is a great way to make it seem more inviting. Air fresheners, of course, come in a whole slew of different varieties, so research the one that best matches their tastes.


On a similar note, candles provide an aromatic boost to any home. Unlike air fresheners, they’re made to be used actively, rather than just burning in the background all day and night. For many, they’re a powerful relaxation aid that comes in handy around bath time. If you’re unsure of which candles to get, there are plenty of online buying guides – or, you might opt for a variety pack of smaller ones.


When it comes to fresh aroma and beauty, it’s difficult to beat a well-chosen bunch of flowers. Time it so that they’re blooming a few days after the house has been moved into, so that they have time to unpack all of their stuff, and then bring your flowers along. Alternatively, order flowers by post, and provide them with a lovely surprise!

Herb Garden

Getting into good habits in the kitchen is crucial if a new home is going to be a place where amazing things are cooked. A miniature herb garden that sits on a south-facing windowsill will provide a constant supply of herbs that’ll make the difference to a whole slew of dishes.

Slow Cooker

Of all the kitchen gadgets, few are quite as useful as the slow cooker. Famously, they allow for delicious meals to be cooked over the course of a working day so that you can tuck in when you get home at night. Do your research before buying, however, as they might well already have one.

Door Mat

Adding a personal touch to the front entrance can be a great way to make a person feel welcome in their own home. If you’re feeling artsy, you can even append a personal message to a standard doormat, so that the new homeowner will feel as though they’re being welcomed in every time they get back from work.

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