How To Find Amazing Golf Gear That’s Suited For You

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Golf is a game of precision, and anything that helps you simplify it can affect your game and better your scores more than you may realize. A little electronic device may be able to tell you that you are 145 yards from a hole when you thought you were only 125. Accessories are important and are often the difference between a birdie and a bogey. Here are a few accessories that will improve your game and can cater to your needs.

1.    Divot Tool

When you leave a divot on the green that divot could mess up other golfers’ shots, especially when your divot is in their putting line. According to Red Birdie Golf, a divot tool helps you lift up the grass and smooth out the green so that the course stays looking good and playing well for other golfers. It’s a good idea to keep one in your bag so that every time you hit the course you can do your part to make sure it stays in the best condition possible.

2.    Rangefinder

A rangefinder is the difference between a 235-yard shot and a 266-yard shot and is big. The same goes for when you are 165-yards out compared to 135. You are looking at the difference between a makeable putt and a lag and is worth the $200 for the better scoring and precision it gives you.

3.    GPS

A GPS allows you to see the entire course laid out in front of you with distances to any point. You can’t find the exact yardage like you could with a range finder, but you can get pretty close. You can get it as an app on your phone, or even on your watch, making it convenient and compact to carry around the course. A lot of golfers carry a rangefinder as well as GPS.

4.    Ball Marker

An identification device allows golfers to mark their balls so that they know it is theirs. This way you are never confused about which ball is yours.

5.    Rain Gear

Umbrellas, raincoats, rain pants, waterproof shoes, and a waterproof pocket in your golf bag or a separate waterproof bag for your belongings are a must. Rain can easily ruin a round of golf, but coming prepared for the elements is key. Weather is unpredictable and can quickly change.

You are not going to stay completely dry and will probably not play your best game, but you can do everything possible to make the best of the situation and outplay the other guys because you were prepared.

6.    Water Bottle

Buying water is wasteful and expensive. Take your own water bottle and have it there for when you need it. It gets hot playing on the green for hours.

7.    Shoe Bag

Depending on the type, of course, you are playing and the weather on the day, your shoes can get really dirty when you leave the course and get into the car. Your golf shoes are probably covered in dirt, mud, and grass, especially in the spikes. If you do not want the dirt getting into your car a good shoe bag is crucial.

Also, you should change your shoes after a game.

8.    Bag Tag

When getting ready for a round and dropping your bag off outside the pro shop, bag tags are important. If you have someone carrying your clubs or setting them up on your cart, it is really beneficial for them to be able to identify you by name. If someone accidentally moves or takes your bag you want to have an easy and quick way to point out that it is yours.

9.    Alignment Sticks

In the golf world, an alignment stick can be one of the best and most versatile equipment in golf.

One of the best things you can use them for is to work on your range alignment and to practice getting your putts moving in the right direction. But they can do so much more than simply fix your alignment. They are able to improve your swing path, give you something to warm up with before you play, and about a million other things to help your game.

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All of these accessories can help make your game more suited to you and improve your skills. Take note of what you typically keep in your bag and compare it to the items listed above. Make a list of what you need, what you don’t, and what you do or don’t want to carry, adjusting your golf bag accordingly.,


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