How to Make Concrete Floors More Attractive and Easier to Clean

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The flooring structure of any building contributes a lot to its attractiveness. It needs to be mechanically robust for its durability. Concrete floors have been in use for many years due to the two properties. Above all, it is inexpensive as compared to many flooring material options. Apart from the low initial cost of installation, the maintenance is also less.

It is vital to make your concrete floor more attractive. It may not sound like it, but this is possible as there are several tricks which you can employ. Think about the ways to make the cleaning process easy as well. You can achieve this when you exploit new ideas on the concrete floor finishing, such as painting. Here are the best ways to make this type of floor easier to clean and more attractive.

Well-Polished Concrete Floors

Go for Well-Polished Concrete

As the installation is done, a contractor needs to consider the concrete floor surface’s final texture. Making it rough and unrefined has its problems. According to Resin Floor Coatings UK, the final result should be a well-polished concrete floor that becomes more elegant. The issue of polishing is easy, and some home-owners also learn how to do this independently. Hiring professional polishers is fundamental as they can grind the concrete down to its smoothness. Afterward, applying a concrete sealer protects the surface.

light colored concrete floors

Find Light-Colored Concrete

Lighter tones make the floor look clean and neutral. It goes well with the rustic barn doors. The different accessories for the interior design, such as wall paintings, complement these floors. Having neural items on the shelves or light-colored ones will add more beauty. Consulting with a flooring expert makes you know which color works best with the interiors of your house. Give your suggestions if you have any, as the bottom-line is your contentment.

Experiment with Grey Paint

There are standard colors that people choose when it comes to floor colors. Rarely do people go for grey, but this is a color that gives the floor a sleek look. Its uniqueness also allows some design of elements on it. It makes it even more unique. Apart from the appearance, you will find grey floors not being easily-stained. Unlike the bring colors, it makes the dirt or food stains not look that shouting.

Choose Epoxy Resin Concrete

There are different types of concrete coating in the market. Every type has its own merits. Epoxy offers the best properties in both ease of cleaning and attractiveness. Its application is made using a sander. This helps in preparing the concrete surface. Two-part epoxy resin is rolled. Visiting the local home improvement stores make it possible to know the average price of the whole project. The price also depends on the size of the floor.

Wood Stained Stamped Concrete

Match Concrete and Wood

Concrete is a perfect match for wood. If you live in a prefab house, this is the type of floor to choose. Having a wooden ceiling complements well with a concrete floor to give that classic look to the home. Many people these days prefer combining the two due to the modern rusty touch. The wood you use should be well-treated and quality. These characteristics make it resistant to termite attacks. Hire a contractor who can show you all the designs available for better home improvement.

Play with Exposed Aggregate

This choice comes with a lot of uniqueness as well. Grinding is done on the top of the concrete continuously until the concrete is exposed. It results in the floor being multi-colored and beautiful. The durability aspect will appeal to you the most. Do a thorough cleaning on the first day to get rid of the small particles of concrete. From there, cleaning will be easy.

stamped concrete floors

Go for Wood Stained Stamped Concrete

This option requires some creativity. Find some weathered wood tiles which have stamped concrete. Use a stamper on wet cement for the creation of interesting textures. This process makes the surface look like wood grains. You can customize a design that you like depending on your taste. Try different patterns with the texture. You will find this type of floor on corridors, balconies, and deck areas in many homes.

patterned concrete floors

Make Patterns on the Concrete

It is common to find a single-colored concrete floor in homes and commercial settings. This simplicity comes from the need for uniformity, especially in working environments. At the home setup, embracing the patterns makes the place attractive. Learning centers for young children will favor his flooring type. It looks more kid-friendly.

Use paint that is water-based as this is friendlier to the nose. It tends to dry faster. There are many kinds of patterns which you can develop for the floor. It is possible to keep changing the pattern from time to time. The changing patterns allow you to exploit more creative options.

Use Dyed Concrete Floors

It is possible to dye a concrete floor for that preferred color. Most kitchens go well with solid brown dyed colors. Water-based coloring agents ought to be available. It brings a finish that is rich and smooth throughout the floor. The dye has the advantage of not reacting chemically with the concrete. It works by penetrating the floor to add color, making the results better as compared to acid-staining.

With dyes, be ready for deep, realistic colors as it does not offer options for less color intensity. Future improvements on dyes maybe will provide something new. It is possible to mute the floor a bit by using a neutral area rug. This creates more contrast and makes the texture softer in space where it’s needed.

Concrete floors come with a lot of advantages, such as being robust and durable. It also allows you to apply paint, unlike materials such as tiles. With concrete, you have an option of exploiting ideas to make them more attractive. Besides, it is possible to alter the surface texture hence making the cleaning easy. The list is extensive on the concrete floor ideas to adopt. This variety applies to both commercial and residential settings.,


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