How To Prepare Yourself For Your Next Photoshoot Session: Useful Tips

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If you’ve decided to invest in a photography session with a photographer, it’s useful to know where to start preparing, and what you should prepare to get the best out of your session. You may be feeling nervous if it’s your first time, so it’s suggested to take a close friend or family member with you to help ease these feelings. The week before your shoot is the best time for planning. You could plan sooner if you’ve booked ahead. It’s your time to decide on outfits, what poses you might want to do, whether you want to show up bare-faced or have make-up on, and so on.

Be mindful that the photographer you’ve chosen will be there to help and support you through your session. They will be there for you to ask questions, decide on poses, and queries about your next steps among other things.

These tips are here to help you think of ideas for preparing for your shoot. They aren’t required, or necessary for everyone. Just choose what fits in with your lifestyle, budget, and current beauty regime.

makeup for the face for photoshoot session


Don’t Pick

Spots can easily be covered with makeup. However, if you have dry skin, scabs, or wounds, this can be trickier. Try your best to stop picking at your skin. Do whatever it takes. Try not to examine your face closer than 2 feet from your mirror to prevent you from identifying any imperfections. If you’re a person who will pick at your skin when you’re anxious or as you’re distracted, consider wearing a plaster on your fingers.


Consider using a grainy scrub on your body and face during a couple of evenings before your shoot, even before your appointment. Be mindful to allow a couple of days before your “treatments” and a couple of days after the last one before your shoot. Doing this will open your pores and leave your skin feeling super soft.


Touch Up Your Roots

If you dye your hair regularly, touching up your roots a few days before your photo shoot is ideal. You don’t need to dye your whole head, but just the roots that will be on show and that have come through.

Get a Cut

Healthy and neat hair is vibrant and youthful. It may have been a while since you had your hair cut last, and if that’s the case, consider booking in for a trim. You don’t need to make a drastic decision about the style, but a small trim should make a difference.


Get a Manicure

Book a mani/Pedi a day before your photo shoot to make your hands look softer and neater. Don’t go for anything too drastic, just a simple shape and clear style is perfect. Soft, neutral colors work great for fingertips. You can choose any color for your toes. However, consider the outfits that you’re bringing to ensure the color compliments them.

Clean your Wedding Ring

Using a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your ring is great. This will leave it sparkling and the camera will catch this. You could consider taking your ring back to the jeweler you bought it from, as they may clean it for free. The cameras used by professionals, according to the experts at believe that they capture the most simplistic details; including the sparkle on jewelry. So it makes sense to be anal about details that you may have never thought of before.


Wax or Shave

If you decide to wax, give it a few days before your shoot so you’re able to heal. Be sure to get your legs and underarms, as well as the bikini area.

Spray Tan

Consider getting a spray tan a couple of days before your shoot. A spray tan will help your skin to glow.  However, you may feel more comfortable embracing your inner pale. Either way is completely fine.

choosing clothes for a photoshoot session


Bring 5-6 Outfits

The photos taken of you should be a reflection of your true self. Choose the outfits that you love to wear and feel comfortable in. Consider taking one or two pieces of clothes that you only wear at events or for a celebration.

Consider Necklaces

A collar bone is nice to see during a photo shoot, however, consider making it more appealing by adding a necklace. This will add a bit of variety to your shoots.

The Day of the Shoot Checklist

–    Bare face
–    Clean, dry hair
–    Comfortable outfit
–    5-6 fitted outfits
–    Pretty nails
–    Clean wedding ring
–    Touched up brows

Communication is key when it comes to a photoshoot, and communication should start before your shoot begins. Speaking to your photographer about what they think is best for you, what style of clothing you should bring and how you should accessorise will give you more confidence when you show up on the day of your shoot.,


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