How to Protect Yourself as an Airbnb Host

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Airbnb has provided many homeowners with the ability to make another income stream, with far less effort than what would be required if renting your property out. One of the main barriers that people encounter is feeling unprotected in this venture, as Airbnb still feels relatively new to many considering the option. So, how do you keep yourself protected as an Airbnb host, and what should you be considering before you list your property?

Consider an Airbnb hosting service

Airbnb is a growth market, and it has seen the rise of some reliable Airbnb hosting service that takes on all the responsibility. These services manage properties by vetting bookings, communicating rules and designing security measures. It also gives you access to property managers who are experienced at yielding the rate and delivering a safe and enjoyable stay for all guests. If protection is something high on your priority list, consider an Airbnb hosting service to provide that added protection level.

Establish a strong set of rules

Establishing a strong set of Airbnb rules will protect yourself from a range of scenarios, and it will also give you peace of mind that your guests are aware of the unique needs of your property, and abiding by those rules. Typical rules will include noise restrictions (eg, reduce noise after 10 pm), the maximum number of guests, no parties/entertaining, and no smoking. You can also outline rules around laundry, dishes, lights and appliances, and whatever will put you at ease when there are guests staying in your property. What typically happens is that hosts finesse their rules over their Airbnb journey, learning what to include after tracking their guest stays.

Get a safe box

If you have stayed in an Airbnb before, you will know that a safe box is pretty much a sure thing. Whether you are offering a private room or entire home, chances are you have a couple of things that need to be concealed from your frequent guests. You can keep this safe box on or offsite, and it can contain jewelry, art, and just about anything. Ideally, when you list your property on Airbnb you should do your best to rid your home of anything uniquely valuable to avoid any incidents. Cast a critical eye over your property and start spotting those items. Familiarise yourself with the Airbnb Host Guarantee if you are still feeling uneasy about the unlikely event of theft.

Guard your mail and internet

If your property is constantly listed on Airbnb, you will eventually have mail delivered to your home and access to your short-stay renters. Be vigil with checking your mail when you do routine checks or cleaning, and you can even ask your neighbors with picking up your mail if you can’t get there as often as you would like. You may also be worried about your guests using or distributing your wifi logins, which is why people have started using a VPN router to mitigate this very issue. If that sounds like too much of a hassle, you can simply routinely change your wifi password at monthly intervals.

Airbnb should not be something you fear, so take steps to feel protected in this exciting and profitable adventure. Engaging an Airbnb hosting service might smooth out some of your concerns, as they will vet each booking and manage it effectively like a property manager. If you are looking to take on the responsibilities yourself, start designing unique rules, get a safe box and put a plan in place to protect your mail and internet. Now step back and start earning that passive income!

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