Mexican Interior Designer, Sofía Aspe’s 2nd Book on Interior Decoration 

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From bohemian to classic, from minimalistic to shabby royalty – interior decoration is a reflection of your personality. However, if you are an ardent fan of the Mexican culture, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and more, Interior Affairs by Mexican interior designer Sofía Aspe Interiorismo Studio is a must-have! The interior designer has developed a unique and eclectic style, where modern and contemporary unite in a mixed equilibrium of styles and eras, generating spaces filled with character yet timeless character. In INTERIOR AFFAIRS, SOFÍA ASPE AND THE ART OF DESIGN, her second book in English, the prominent Mexican interior designer showcases some of her favorite projects and celebrates her artistry all-woman studio. Admirers of contemporary design, art, and Latin culture will cherish this breathtaking tour through the celebrated designer’s own home as well as those she has designed in Mexico City, Merida, Miami, Austin, Madrid, and Vail. 

Casa Elefante, Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, Mexico by Sofia Aspe
Casa Elefante, Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, Mexico

The book’s extraordinary visual narrative qualifies it to be an interesting coffee table book apart from providing a comprehensive view of the designer’s perspective and creativity abilities. Superbly photographed, Aspe’s projects are showcased one after another in bold and innovative design, alternated with brief introductions providing a profoundly personal perspective about her life and what inspires her. Almost every page of Interior Affairs holds quotes about the designer’s work, her experiences, creative inspiration, and much more. The book is more than capable of transporting one into Aspe’s world of interiors, from the international artists and local artisans she works with to her country’s radiant colors and picturesque charm and her global reach. Reflective of Aspe’s aesthetic, this beautifully packaged book will feature a vibrant cloth cover with a printed textile. 

El Independiente, Austin, Texas USA, by Sofia Aspe
El Independiente, Austin, Texas USA

Sofía Aspe founded her design studio Sofía Aspe Interiorismo (SAI) in Mexico City in 2012. This all-woman studio has delivered 109 projects and is currently working on 33 new projects, mainly in Mexico, the United States, and Spain. Her projects have been published in numerous interior design and architecture magazines in Mexico, Spain, the USA, Germany, and China. In 2016 her design firm received the First Prize for Residential Interior Design of the Architects and Interior Designers Association of Mexico. It was named one of the top ten most influential interior design firms in Mexico by AD MexicoDesign Hunter and Ambientes Magazine called them one of 100 Authorities in Architecture and Interior Design in Mexico and Latin America. Cristina Morozzi is an Italian designer and fashion critic and editor, curator of exhibitions and books, and former director of Modomagazine. 

Casa La Sirena, chic Xulub, Yucatan, Mexico by Sofia Aspe
Casa La Sirena, chic Xulub, Yucatan, Mexico by Sofia Aspe
Vail, Vail, Colorado USA, by Sofia Aspe
Vail, Colorado

Edited by Sofía Aspe
Foreword by Cristina Morozzi
Hardcover / 10” x 12 ⅗” / 416 pages / 300 color photographs
$60.00 U.S. / $80.00 Canadian / ₤45.00 U.K.
ISBN: 978-8-89-183094-4 / Rizzoli New York
Release date: September 2021,


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