Nostalgia memes and marketing: 10 things that will be trending to sell more on the internet

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These recommendations are for entrepreneurs who use the internet as their main sales channel.

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An interesting interview was carried out at Unegocios de la FEN U Chile together with Professor Rodrigo Maulén, a journalist from the Universidad del Desarrollo and teacher of the Social Media Marketing course, who made known what social media are, why they are so important, how to sell through social networks and what strategies we must follow to be at the forefront of 2021.

During the conference, Rodrigo Maulén defined social media as “the sets of digital media that we have present today and that, finally, help us to make our digital ecosystem, when we talk about social media we refer to blogs, forums , social networks or our websites that help us to connect in the different lines with the audience ”, he commented.

In addition, he delivered a wide variety of advice for entrepreneurs looking to sell their products or services through social media, highlighting that, if a person has a piece or an idea of content, it is important that they can reflect on how it goes. to distribute or what will be the format that will be used for this content to work on each of the social networks.

As an example, Rodrigo Maulén mentions that, if a journalist must go to report to La Moneda, he must start thinking about what the title will be published on Twitter and the image that he will use for that headline, how he will publish it on Facebook , where you could use a gallery and put together a selection and how you are going to put together the same news on your blog. That is, the same news has different treatments for each of the platforms.

In addition, the professor mentioned the 10 key points that will be a trend for those interested in increasing the sales of their companies on the internet:

  • Content remixing: Adapt content based on the innovations that the platforms have.
  • Communication adapted to the COVID-19 format: Internalize and standardize digital communication with customers.
  • More and more memes : A resource that works efficiently and that can continue to be used
  • Marketing will appeal to nostalgia: Marketing will look to the older social media influencers compared to the new and young we know today.
  • Talk: Generate conversations, get into user conversations and participate in debates, because it gives us information and data from our clients which helps to enrich the actions proposed within the digital Marketing strategies.
  • Game world: A giant ecosystem with a life of its own, where people must begin to propose or prepare certain actions.
  • Traditional marketing will return: The use of text messages, newsletters, newsletter and podcast will be a trend as an information medium with the community.
  • The giants will adapt: Facebook, Instagram , LinkedIn among others, they will be piloting new things throughout this year, because they understand that they cannot be left behind.
  • Fake news : Disinformation on the internet will be the protagonist this year, so we must be vigilant.
  • Brands with a social conscience: Brands must understand the environmental, social and inequity challenges that people are facing, so if they are able to internalize them and use them to build marketing strategies, it will allow them to differentiate themselves from the other.

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