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Whilst not so renowned as Savannah, the capital, Atlanta, still shares spectacular landmarks and monuments. It is known for its architecture and lovely blocks. As a memorial to the rough-won rights and difficulties faces by democratic values, Atlanta has a significant role both in the civil war and the 1960s civil rights movement. Historical places like Martin Luther King Jr., with attractions like the lovely Olympic Park, there is certainly a lot to catch up to. You’re always going to find something new in Atlanta. One day trip can also fulfill your Atlantic tour dream if you utilize the day properly. You can easily explore the best Atlanta attractions in one day through proper planning.

Perfect Time to be in Atlanta

Schedule your stay in the spring between March and May to enjoy the best of what Atlanta can offer you. The weather is usually better during those months, because of the countless music festivals and social activities in the city. During heat, Atlanta is excruciatingly hot and humid, as is the majority of Georgia. However, you want to go to the place in more colder months like December, January or Feb when the sun is down, and the winds are severe, you are more interested in getting a good deal. Hotel prices are usually decreased, and a few exciting activities still take place, particularly for foodies.

Centennial Olympic Park

The park opens at around 7 am and continues to entertain its visitors till 11 pm at night. Unlike any other regular park, the Centennial holds a strong history with the most popular game platform of the world – the Olympics. To be clear, this park was the host to the 1996 Olympic Games and is now serving as one of the most essential spots in Atlanta for people who are looking for a bit of entertainment in their lives. Music shows, art festivals, entertainment, and family activities, there is a lot that can be done in this world-renowned landmark.

Not only generic activities, but it is also hosting the College Football Hall of Fame, the Mercedes Stadium, World Congress Center, and the majestic Georgia Aquarium. You know you are a place worth your time and energy considering the history it comprises of. Make sure that you leave right after exploring the whole site and head of the Georgia Aquarium.

Georgia Aquarium

Located within the premises of the park, the Georgia Aquarium takes pride in being one of the best and most popular go-to places in Atlanta. Whether you are with family or alone, this is undoubtedly a must-visit place. However, make sure that you allow yourself enough time to explore the beauty of the aquarium. In six unique galleries with over 70 incredible ecosystems, ten million gallons of water and dozens of marine animals, visitors will be able to be impressed.

Read about the magnificent water animals and get to understand them better. In the world’s largest aquarium habitat (6.3 million gallons), Ocean Voyage built by the Home Depot, you can even swim or dive with whale sharks and manta rays. And an on-site parking lot next to the aquarium offers fast, easy to find affordable parking.

CNN Center

Visit one of the most famous studios of one of the most famous channels in the world. The CNN Hub also lies directly on the west side of the Centennial Olympic Park. A CNN Studio Tour can take visitors from 9:00 am until 5 pm, and you can peek at the service of one of the country’s biggest TV news network behind the scenes. Allow yourself one hour, and it should be sufficient to look at all in the Global Newsroom of CNN at the Studio. The trip is fun and informative. You can record information by yourself–if that is your sort of a thing, a beautiful keepsake for friends and relatives.

Coca Cola World

Get into the World of Coca-Cola, the only place to discover the history of the most famous soft drink company in the world. It’s a location where everybody can feel joy and wonder. The world of Coca Cola is influenced everywhere, from the vault, where their secret formula is secured, to world-class art and souvenirs, to over 100 delicious beverages from all over the world. It’s not shocking that the World of Coke is one of the best things to be done in Atlanta, Georgia, with the chance to meet the Coca-Cola Polar Bear, enjoy a VIP guided tour-and even more.

Krogg Street

Visit the Krogg Street market located on the beltline of Atlanta. This place is super trendy; comprising of all the fun and food you can get your hands on. Krog Street Market is the very first market in the whole of Atlanta, located on the continually evolving Atlanta Beltline. This market is part of mixed-use development and consists of specialist stalls featuring products, prepared food, brewery, and other handicrafts. In a groovy, qu’en-garde space, this is a great place to sip and try.

Puppetry Art Center

The Puppetry Center also has its own studios, presentations, and courses that bring to life its huge marionettes set. The Museum of Puppetry Worlds at the Center contains the most extensive collection of marionettes and objects by Jim Henson in the world. Look no further than the Family Series of performances in Atlanta with children. Teens can appreciate their New Direction Series, on the other hand. Close to the centenarian Olympic Park, across the street from the World of Coca Cola, the Children’s Museum is located, however, on Spring Street, about two kilometers.


One day is enough to explore the best of Atlanta. There is so much to do, and you can visit some of the best Atlanta attractions in one day if you end up managing your time correctly. Waste no time and spend your day exploring the majestic and most trendy cities in the entire U.S.

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