Rustic Meets Sustainability: Inside Real De Talpa’s Eco-Friendly Homes

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Homeowners in Real De Talpa live in a rustic and enriching environment designed for those who value a deep connection with nature and a holistic approach to life. Common areas feature cobblestone roadways and green spaces. Real de Talpa is a beautiful place for spiritually aligned people interested in community living.

Near Talpa de Allende, between coastal Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara inland, Real de Talpa is a blossoming upscale community in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. This holistic residential area, founded by entrepreneur and reggae recording artist Kass Smith, contains 89 eco-friendly home sites, all off the grid and sustainable.

Smith, who grew up in Jamaica and worked in his family’s construction company, wanted to create a community in Jalisco, Mexico, that is not only sustainable but also beautiful and holistic. Each home has a solar power system tailored for its design and a biodigester. The homes also include rainwater collection and recycled water systems to enhance sustainability.

Amenities include ponds with tilapia and coops with chickens, ducks, and peacocks. Hiking trails show off the local landscape, and a wildlife conservation area is nearby. Bird watching is available everywhere.

The first three phases are well underway, with only 29 home sites left out of 89 large lots. Three upscale home designs are available, each offering a possible upgrade. Smith’s consultant, Heidi Careaga, says demand for homes like these is growing among people under retirement age due to the emergence of remote work.

Landscaping can include bamboo, bougainvillea, fruit trees, and perhaps planters with of herbs like cilantro or basil. Be sure to keep the mint confined to the planters because it is known for taking over gardens.

Living sustainably means eating fresh vegetables and fruits from the organic community garden and orchards. Fresh eggs are available, as are fish from the ponds. It’s a more natural way of life.

In the introduction to his video channel, Kass Smith writes, “This extraordinary community offers an opportunity to remove life’s blockages, empowering you to manifest your desires and live the life of your dreams. Embracing life here opens the doors to a powerful healing journey, helping you break free from the constraints of the matrix and embrace independence.”

The centerpiece of the community is an energy vortex tree with a seated area. Smith feels that this makes the property stand out from every other planned community, giving Real de Talpa a unique advantage.

Another premium resource planned for this holistic community is the temazcal, a type of Mesoamerican sauna. Traditionally, pre-Hispanic indigenous peoples used it as a sweat lodge for spiritual, mental, and physical rituals. Once built, the temazcal will host special ceremonies led by shamans to help heal participants’ mental and physical health.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, off-grid living experience, holistic living in a high-quality, mountain resort-style sustainable community at Real de Talpa is the ultimate choice.,


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