Skirting Trends In 2021 And How You Can Do Them In Your Home Too

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Skirting boards have long been used as a part of interior design and the way to look at homes neater. While it’s been a tradition for many years to use Victorian-style skirting boards, many trends have come and gone in the meantime. Here are some fantastic skirting trends in 2021.

Skirting Boards for Modern Apartments

Skirting boards are very popular, and many may argue a crucial part of a new build home. They are quite easy to install and almost inexpensive to maintain, thus forming a perfect solution for construction companies and designers alike. A very popular choice nowadays is the MDF skirting boards for their practical nature making them a go-to solution for any room or space. MDF skirting boards are also quite inexpensive, and most importantly there is a wide range of choices meaning you don’t have to go only for neutral colors and this can also allow you to explore your inner interior designer.

Square Edge Skirting Boards

Square edge skirting boards are also a very popular skirting trend in 2021, especially among business owners and traders. The reason why is because they offer clean lines, which translates to  – they will fit into any style of the room. In addition to this, they are quite easy to install and everyone can do it on their own without any special skills. Furthermore, they are quite easy to maintain too. What gives them their best advantage however is their shape, which can be cut to any height or depth. Square edge skirting boards are on the economically favorable styles, making them especially suitable for big projects.

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Victorian Skirting Boards

Victorian skirting board designs are, as we’ve mentioned earlier, the original shape of skirting boards. Nowadays, they are crafted in the manner of timeless molding design from the aforementioned Victorian Era. This design of skirting boards has been a classic choice for hundreds of years, and can easily fit into a wide variety of homes. These skirting boards from the Victorian era are generally a bit larger than modern skirting boards, meaning they will fit well into rooms with generous floor spaces and high ceilings. Contrary to popular belief, Victorian skirting boards can work with plenty of modern styles too.

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How to pick the best for you

When all is said and done it’s entirely up to you to decide which skirting trend you want to go for. There are some subtle advantages to different types of skirting boards such as price, and what kind of space you need them for. For example, if you’re starting a business and need to design your office space, square edge skirting boards are probably the best option. If you’re working with high ceilings and ample room space – go for Victorian-style skirting boards. While it’s become a trend to use MDF boards with modern design, you can implement any type of the mentioned skirting boards in as many colors to look great.

No matter what type of skirting trend you decide to go for, you should make sure they are of the highest quality you can find. Don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest ones since they will probably tear away in no time. This is why it’s always advisable to seek the help of professional opinion.,


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