The Most Luxurious Pickup Trucks of 2021

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The pickup truck is undoubtedly an all-American vehicle. Invented in the USA when enterprising businesses started building truck rears on Ford Model T chassis, the truck has been with us ever since. Once solely the domain of rural ranch owners and hands, today the pickup truck is a popular choice for a family vehicle, and there are many to choose from.

In the article that follows we want to look at how a pickup truck can be a luxurious vehicle and still a powerful and capable workhorse. If you’re looking for a pickup with a touch of luxury, you’ve come to the right place so let’s get started!

Which Pickup Truck is Most Luxurious?

There’s some great information on pickup truck parts here which might give you a clue as to the available extras you can add to your pickup. What level of luxury are you looking for? Each of the best-selling pickup trucks in the USA – the Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, and the RAM Pickup range – can be specified with a variety of options, so you can customize to your specific requirements. But which is considered the most luxurious pickup truck on sale in the USA?

When we took a look at reviews and available information the result came down to a choice of two, and we were not surprised to include them. The two trucks we’re going to tell you about our versions of the Ford F150 and the RAM that come with the highest possible specifications. Let’s talk about the Ford first.

2021 Ford F150 Limited pickup truck

Ford F150 Limited

Ford’s ‘Limited’ brand has always signified top specifications in terms of luxury and equipment. The F150 Limited is no exception. If you’re looking for a pickup truck that has a beautifully trimmed cabin complete with all the equipment you could wish for, this could be it. What do you get? The Ford F150 Limited comes with the following:

  • 450bhp twin-turbo V6.
  • All-wheel drive.
  • 10-speed automatic transmission.
  • Power deployed running boards.
  • Ventilated and heated front seats.
  • Heated rear seats.
  • Two-panel moonroof.
  • Surround-view camera.
  • Bang & Olufsen sound system.
  • Touch screen infotainment system.

That’s just a few of the standard features and you also get every safety function you could wish for and electric everything all-round, plus the front seats have a massage function. The Ford F150 Limited is undoubtedly a great way to travel but at a whopping $67,000 it has a hard fight on its hand to beat the opposition.

2021 RAM 1500 Limited pickup truck

RAM 1500 Limited

The name is confusing as this truck has no connections with Ford, it’s simply that RAM chooses to use the same naming for its luxury trim level, and what a level it is! Step into the Ram 1500 Limited and you can’t fail to be impressed, but it’s not just inside that is exciting. The RAM 1500 Limited comes with the following:

  • Air suspension.
  • Optional Hemi V8 engine.
  • Touchscreen is Apple and Android compatible.
  • Front and rear seats heated and ventilated.
  • Power running boards.
  • Harman Kardon 19-speaker sound system.
  • Leather-trimmed seats, door panels, and dash.
  • Surround-view camera.
  • Electric throughout.
  • Wireless smartphone charging.

The interior of the RAM 1500 Limited is a stunning place to be, and with all the safety features you need you are also in a safe place when on the roads. But the best bit is this: the RAM is $12,000 less than the Ford F150 Limited and given the specification, we think that it is the one to buy.,


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