The Visionnaire “Il Pavone Collection, Pure Luxury and Opulence

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The Italian Luxury Lifestyle brand, Visionnaire, unveiled the latest capsule collection of armchairs deriving its unique structure and design inspired by the beautiful Indian peacock.

Pavone Arm Chair by Visionnaire.Pavone Arm Chair by Visionnaire.

Marking as the third installment of the creative capsule collection of 2019-20, created to commemorate the renowned brand’s anniversary, the Il Pavone collection depicts pure luxury and opulence. ‘Pavone’ in Italian translates to peacock, the focus of the collection. Los Angeles based Artist and Designer Marc Ange, known for his distinct and extraordinary creations, designed the collection from recent travels to India, studying the Indian peacock’s regal demeanor and commitment to beauty. Amalgamating his vision and design with Visionnaire’s unique eye for beauty and luxury galvanized the collection.

Pavone Arm Chair by Visionnaire.Pavone Arm Chair by Visionnaire.

The Pavone collection consists of the Il Pavone throne and five Pavone armchairs. Eleonore Cavalli, Artistic Director, Visionnaire, says, “ This collaboration with Marc Ange presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate our anniversary, by showcasing a body of work that highlights the indispensable values Visionnaire is founded upon.” The majestic beauty of the Indian peacock with its unparalleled grace and flamboyance isn’t unfamiliar to many, and designer Marc Ange has done a great in imbibing the true essence of the seductive romantic beauty of the peacock. The armchairs derive their structure from the peacock’s plumage in Visionnaire’s bespoke fabrics and materials. With a more contemporary silhouette, the armchairs are in five varied colors, gold, champagne, emerald, sapphire, and cream, which could be a highlight to your space without looking overpowering. The star of the collection, however, is the Pavone throne. Mirroring the dramatic plumage of the peacock in a never-seen-before form leaves you staggering and astonished in its charm! Crafted with 70’s vintage-inspired camel leather, vibrant blue, and green custom Visionnaire fabrics, and brass coated in regal bronze plating, an ideal convergence of Art & Design.

Pavone Arm Chair by Visionnaire.Pavone Arm Chair by Visionnaire.

Reimagining the definitions of luxury lifestyle and art, Designer Marc Ange succeeds in creating a collection that epitomizes art and design.,


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