TSB payments delay to customers “resolved”

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TSB says it’s resolved an IT failure which meant wages and other payments were not paid into some of its customers’ accounts.

The bank says it was due to a “processing error” and those affected will not be left out of pocket.

But customers complained about being unable to pay their rent and long call wait times when trying to seek help.

It comes just days after TSB was criticised over IT failures that hit 1.9 million customers in April 2018.

An independent report into the incident said the bank’s board lacked “common sense” as it prepared to switch customers on to a new IT system, which the investigation said had not been tested properly before going live.

‘A bit of a meltdown’

It is unclear how many customers were affected by the latest problem and exactly how long the system was down.

TSB said: “We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.”

A number of customers contacted the BBC suggesting the issue went beyond processing of payments, with internet banking and the app down as well.

Bob Skinley said: “I’ve been trying all morning to get into my internet banking account and can’t so looks like they’re having a bit of a meltdown yet again.

“Sounding horribly like the last fiasco.”

Lorna tweeted that her pay had eventually come through.

Yanique Sharifa told the BBC: “I started to notice an issue from yesterday morning. I made a wire transaction that was not showing as it usually does right away. Then I get paid every Friday without fail, I’ve called and checked if payment was issued. That was confirmed but still I see no money in my bank.

“I been on the phone trying to get through to TSB for over an hour and no answer.”

Bad timing for TSB

The timing of this latest IT error was bad for customers – some of whom were expecting wages or preparing their finances for the weekend – but it was even worse for TSB.

Earlier this week, nobody at the bank came out with any credit from the independent report by law firm Slaughter and May into last year’s meltdown.

Its new chief executive Debbie Crosbie is putting the finishing touches to TSB’s new strategy, expected to be announced on Monday.

The last thing she wanted was an IT problem that reminded people of a difficult recent past when she hopes to talk about the bank’s future.

IT glitches are expected in most banks. Regulators call for them to be overcome quickly and without major disruption to customers. Inside the bank, they will be relieved the problems were sorted out quickly this time, but again it has chipped away at its reputation with customers.


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