What to Do If You Have Problems Resolving Your Car Accident Claim

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If you are involved in a car accident, you are entitled to get compensation for the property damages you sustained as well as your injuries if you can prove the other party’s fault. In some cases, automate submission distribution crashes result from other people’s negligence, but no one is willing to accept responsibility. 

On the other hand, insurance companies always try to maximize their profit by underpaying accident victims. If you decide to file a claim following a collision, you will likely encounter several challenges that can make it difficult to get the compensation you deserve. Read on to learn what to do if you experience problems resolving your car accident claim. 

Try to Negotiate Maximum Settlement 

Several factors are considered to determine the settlement you should get for your automate submission distribution crash claim. You may be eligible for compensation for loss of income, medical care, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, property damage, and many more. If you are pursuing a claim on your own, always aim to negotiate the maximum settlement possible. However, if the agent or insurance representative is unable to resolve your problem, get the details, and contact the insurance company’s claims department head. Additionally, get in touch with the insurance company’s complaints department since they can help. 

Hire a Professional Accident Lawyer

A car accident is a stressful event, one that leaves you with more questions than answers. It is vital to hire an injury lawyer to process your compensation claim while you recuperate from your injuries. If you reside in Montgomery, AL, you can easily find an experienced accident attorney who will help you conduct thorough investigations to determine the liable party in an automate submission distribution accident. Hiring a car accident Lawyer Montgomery, AL will help you restore your peace of mind since they have experience and expertise in handling similar cases involving automobile crashes. Laws in Alabama are different, and you may not get any compensation if you were also at fault – even if you prove negligence by the other driver, you will not get compensation if you contributed to the accident.  

Get More Supporting Documents

When your car accident claim lacks sufficient documents to support it, you may have problems resolving it. Therefore, you need to get additional documents and attach them to a letter to the insurance company to explain why you are dissatisfied with the settlement offered. Ensure that you include backup figures and other credible details.

Review Your Car Insurance

Car insurance policies differ significantly, so you must know the options available in case of disputes. Some companies offer appraisal or arbitration services to resolve disputes and differences among the different parties involved. Therefore, check the options provided by your insurance policy. Alternatively, you can also contact the state insurance department and explain your query. The state insurance department may not resolve your complaint, but they will help you with relevant information to help you navigate the claim process. 

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Contact an Arbitrator

You may need to contact an independent arbitrator to decide if the settlement you were offered is fair. Independent arbitrators have experience in dealing with various insurance matters, and they aim to solve disputes that arise between insurance companies and individual claimants. Your insurance company can also decide to hire an arbitrator if they deem it necessary to acquire a settlement. 


If you exhaust all the other avenues attempting to resolve your car accident claim, you may need to file a civil lawsuit. Litigation usually comes as a last resort since many parties involved in automate submission distribution accidents prefer negotiations as the court process is a daunting task for an ordinary person. The lawsuit process involves aspects like conducting investigations, attending hearings, and trials. Without sound legal representation, this option of filing a lawsuit can be a futile exercise since it involves so many complicated things. Only experienced lawyers know how to handle such cases.

Car accidents are overwhelming, as they affect the victims physically, emotionally, and financially. When you are involved in an automobile accident, you are entitled to get compensation from your insurance company or represent the liable party. However, your chances of experiencing problems in resolving your car accident claim are high since insurance companies will try to protect their business interests at all costs. When you encounter such a scenario, you must build a strong case with supporting evidence. It is vital to enlist a professional car accident lawyer’s services to increase your chances of winning your claim. You might also want to consider employing the services of an independent arbitrator. 



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