Why The Himalayan Salt Lamps Are Becoming Popular Decor in the USA

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For anyone who hasn’t heard of the rock salt lamp that is making headlines in the US, it is the Himalayan salt lamp. A crystal salt lamp produced somewhere in the Punjab region of Pakistan can furnish our rooms as well as cleanse the surrounding air.  The lamp is being sold on as the next best thing in the interior decor industry because of its beauty, not to mention how it complements other furniture in the room.

This lamp is called a ‘Miracle worker’ by some people because of the immense benefit many believe it carries.

What is a Himalayan salt lamp?

Have you ever wondered why playing at the beach during rainfall seems so different? It is because of the negative atmospheric ions found in the air produced by the moving water. Any activity of nature is always negatively charged. That is why a Himalayan salt lamp is believed to produce a considerable amount of negative ions, the same way it does on the beach.

himalayan salt lamps

Why is the lamp sought after?

However, with a growing number of airborne illnesses as a result of an increasing population in US states and other parts around the world, people are looking for cost-effective ways to purify the air. China always has fog covering the atmosphere in some of its major cities for weeks as a result of human activities. The US is not far behind despite its efforts in trying to produce clean energy.

As people continue to research new ways of how they can clean the air, it has led them to discover a 250 million years old mine in Pakistan, where the Himalayan salt lamp gets produced and shipped to many parts of the US today. Almost every home in the US today has at least one of these lamps stationed somewhere in the house.

What does the lamp do?

Many believe the lamp carries a lot of benefits like purifying the air, cleaning the nasal passage, improving mood, and improving sleep.

Many also believe that the lamp uses a process called halotherapy to achieve its goals. Halotherapy is when the moisture from a salt lamp traps tiny particles in the air, these particles can come in the form of dust, debris or allergens in the air and harm our body in one way or another.

Himalayan salt lamp

Five key reasons Himalayan salt lamps are popular in the US: 

1. Salt lamps have aesthetic value.

In the room, nothing shines as brightly as the crystal salt lamp. This item is a source of admiration in most homes in the US because many people can’t take their eyes off of it. Its hued-pink color sets the tone for beautiful evenings and beautiful mornings. By the side of a stool or table, the lamp with its unique exotic touch takes people’s breath away.

It complements other furniture in the room as well. This, in turn, has made it one of the hottest pieces of home and office decor items to have in the house.

Whether we use them in traditional or contemporary home decor settings, they electrify the home anywhere they are found. In the kitchen, room, bathroom, and even in the office, the salt lamp plays a massive role in bringing out beauty.

himalayan salt lamps

2. Rock salts are perfect as gifts.

In the US, when Thanksgiving and Christmas are near, a lot of gifts get shared between families and loved ones. The Himalayan salt lamp is a perfect gift for anyone who cares immensely about his family’s health because of its enormous benefits. To a family member who has breathing difficulties at home or in the hospital, the lamp can go a long way in refreshing the air they breathe.

3. The lamp is affordable for everyone.

If you have bought a salt lamp, you will find the Himalayan salt lamp as one of the most affordable objects you may have come across despite being a foreign good. Some go as far as pricing it for $15- $200 depending on the store and the medium used in placing the order.

Many US residents buy them in bulk for use in their homes or offices and send some as gifts to relatives.

Weight is what determines the price of the lamp because of the nature of salt deposits. Massive salt crystal would cost more than the regular price. Another feature used in evaluating the amount is the base of the lamp. A wooden base would cost less than aluminum. The type of cable used determines the quality of the lamp, as well.

himalayan salt lamps

4. The crystal salt lamps come with a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

People in the US buy this lamp because it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have the curvy ones, extremely curvy ones, the big, medium, and small ones as well.

However, the size of your lamp is dependent on the room; it will have to be placed in larger rooms that might need a bigger sized lamp that can carry immense effect during and after use. Even though rock salt lamps are massive, the original ones are incredibly fragile. A slight fraction can cause a crack in them. So they need to be prepared, transported, and handled with care.

5. The real salt lamp is famous for its benefits.

Yes, I left this for last because, let’s face it, even though the benefits of the salt lamp are still up for debate. A lot of people believe it works. Today, people in the US buy the lamp because they want to explore, experiment, and have a story to tell about the benefits of the lamp. That is why we have people saying they sleep better, breathe better, are in a better mood after using this lamp.


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