6 Essential Appliances Every Starter Kitchen Needs

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If you’re setting up a new house, paying equal attention to every space is critical to avoid mistakes and increase functionality. Even if you’re renovating your home, you need to start setting up the spaces from scratch. One important area in your house is your kitchen, which requires the maximum attention and equipment for optimum functioning. Apart from the necessary tools like chopping boards and a set of cutting knives, you need to invest in a few basic appliances that can make your tasks simple and convenient for cooking.

Here’s a list of the basic, yet essential appliances that you’d need in your kitchen to begin.

blender, essential to have for any kitchen

1.    A Blender

A blender is one of the necessary tools in your kitchen. Whether it’s mixing up juices or preparing sauces, a blender comes in handy. Often confused with food processors, blenders mix and blend food ingredients, whereas processors chop and slice the vegetables and mix the dough. A blender is useful for preparing and mixing meals of liquid consistency like smoothies and juices. Not only does it prepare meals within seconds, it is straightforward to clean as well. It also takes up less space on your kitchen countertop. Incorporating a blender in your kitchen will be extremely beneficial for all you fitness junkies who like to whip out smoothies and protein shakes twice a day.

2.    Hand Mixer

Now that you have a blender, it’s time to buy a hand mixer for your kitchen. This versatile tool helps in diverse functions like whipping, pureeing, mixing solid food, and liquids. As the name suggests, this tool is convenient and hardly takes up any space. This makes it easy to clean, as well. Just add in a few ingredients in a pot and blend it using a hand mixer to prepare juices, smoothies, and shakes on the go, and makes food prep simple. On top of that, it might be the most affordable appliance on the list.

3.    Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is an underrated piece of equipment and is never considered to be a priority for cooking. Just because it takes time to cook doesn’t mean that it cannot be beneficial. Let us tell you why investing in a slow cooker is a wise decision. Firstly, it’s extremely simple to prepare your food in a slow cooker. You need to place all the ingredients in the pot and let the cooker do its job. It saves time and proves to be convenient during a busy schedule. Secondly, the resultant cooked food is impeccable and tastes delicious. Since it cooks at a low temperature for a longer time, the meat and vegetables come out tender with the juices intact, resulting in flavorful food. Lastly, it uses less power and is versatile.

4.    A Countertop Oven

Do we even need to mention the usefulness of ovens in kitchens? A countertop convection oven not only makes the meal prepping easy but also provides you various options of meal varieties. This appliance stands among the top ranks of an essential kitchen appliance list, and rightly so. It is portable, takes up less space on your countertop, and uses less power. If you’re someone who is always on the go and doesn’t have enough time to prepare meals for your family, a countertop convection oven is meant for you. You can simmer, bake, or broil, and the results are exceptionally delicious.

5.    A Toaster

Your usual go-to breakfast in the morning requires a handy appliance that produces quick results. A long slot toaster helps in toasting and preparing your local artisan bread or toasting your baked bread that you can proudly present to your guests during parties. It is an ideal tool for people skipping breakfast due to busy mornings.

waffle maker, essential for your kitchen

6.    Waffle Maker

A waffle maker has many more applications than just preparing waffles. This appliance can make eggs, omelets, and even doughy desserts. An excellent ceramic waffle maker doesn’t allow the ingredients to stick to its surface, keeping it clean. It also makes for healthier cooking since it requires only a slight cooking spray coat instead of deep-frying the food to cook. And with today’s health-conscious people, you can find a lot of healthy recipes that you can make solely with your waffle maker. You no longer have to take your kids out for unhealthy versions of desserts.

With these appliances on your kitchen counter, your day will go more smoothly and with convenience. You no longer have to rush or skip meals, and you can provide the nutrition and food varieties that your family deserves.



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