Loafing around London, The British Loafers for Men

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Beaufoy Loafers. Horatio London
Beaufoy Loafers. Horatio London

Could you put on, let alone pull off a pair of London Beaufoy Horatio loafers? The ones with the gold snaffle. Or do you feel more comfortable in the classic chocolate or shiny Burgundy English “CT” (Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street), a pair of kind-to-a-high-instep Timberland Gateways, or some $350 per foot supple, Italian reverse leather “Fear of Gods”?

And are you confident and woke enough to carry off every day, elegantly androgynous high street foot look that more and more are sporting?

Every man knows what he wants these days at this time of year. And that’s stability and comfort. As well as eye-catching detailing on the uppers, high-quality canvas, a flexible and forgiving Goodyear welt sole, optional odor cancellation, a  cushioned footbed, and soft heel collar which can all be complemented by Chinos, cargo, and board shorts, and, at a figurative pinch, suits.

D+D (Duke & Dexter) loafers
D+D (Duke & Dexter) loafers

Ditch the Clarks, Dockers, Sketchers, and Hush Puppies. Pimp up your shoe rack with some new loafers. Make your shoe rack beyond impressive by following the Englishman’s example. Rotate.

Monday should be Duke & Dexter Wild Cognac Penny Loafers. Tuesday was given over to astrophysics and Baudoin and Langhe’s Sagans. For the two simple reasons that they are named after the astrophysicist. Which is cool. And Belgian but bought when the UK was a member of the EU.

cray green loafers
cray green loafers

Midweek is £425 Malone Souliers Brunos. Thursday is George Cleverley Hamptons (£345)  with signature chisel toe. Or a snug Adrian. The week’s end should be celebrated with Dunhill’s summer collection 2021 chain links (£725).

The weekend? Given over to trustworthy fifth-generation cordwainer, Crockett & Jones, established 1879.  Choose between Henley cavalry calf or a pair of £370 Harvards, unlined Bostons hand-made with new English leather and City rubber.  Keep the shoehorns to hand down as heirlooms.

Rubinacci Marphy Loafers
Rubinacci Murphy Loafers

Your Day of Rest should be spent in the modern British manner, cozily encased in “Carreducker” espadrille-Esque ‘Pembroke’ loafers. Or perhaps some of London’s Chocolate Studio’s Winkers, a pair of their Margates, or some £99 Crays. Maybe changing into a pair of late evening flat bottom designed in London mute-hued Mulos.

Gucci Horsebit Loafers
Gucci Horsebit Loafers

Male loafers were born in 1930. Created by Norwegian Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger who called them Aurland moccasins. Presumably for hearing voices asking “Anyone seen my favorite Gregerriusson Tverangers?” and then being handed some coat hangers.

The Iroquois fashion trend was then picked by the Spaulding of New Hampshire, who christened them loafers”. In 1934, G.H. Bass created  ‘Weejuns’ which soon became the embodiment of elegant outdoor footwear.

Fear of God loafers
Suede Driving Loafers. Fear of God exclusively for Ermenegildo Zegna

But the Brits now lead the way. They are loafing more than ever have done these days. London has become the hub of a summer-long slip-on.  The Englishman’s home is now his pastel.  English gentlemen prefer pastels.

When next in London for some R&R, give D+D ( Duke & Dexter) in Covent Garden a visit to try on their new arrivals. Let London’s James Ducker and Deborah Carré introduce you to the luxury of the hand-sewn low heel and the wonders of English cordwainers.

There’s nothing wrong with Sperrys, Ecco, Izod, Jions, GH Bass, Nunn Bush, Cirohuner, or Kenneth Cole. But London is the place to slip and slide. The question remains what style. Gucci horsebit or kilties?

And leather or brushed/snuff suede? And with or without? Socks. And if, with what socks and what haberdasher. And what bespoke foot powder.



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